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    Sola Vadislavisk, Tzimisce Voivode of Voivoides – usurped Vladimir Rustovich, agreed to help in the battle of Vienna in trade for the return of a portion of ancestral lands of the clan.

    Jophiel and Sariel, warrior Salubri – agreed to help in the battle of Vienna to repay the boon owed to Sola Vadislavisk who saved their lives and to finally have a good chance to stick it to the Tremere. Also, when the Salubri learned of the tainted gargoyles being made, infernalism, and the appearance of a Baali apostate, Etrius, wild horses couldn’t keep them from this fight. DECEASED – killed in the battle.

    Virstania, Tremere, Mother of Gargoyles – agreed to help in the battle of Vienna in return that the corrupted gargoyles be put down and that no more gargoyles of any sort would be made by the Tremere. Also, any non-corrupted gargoyles that survived she wanted freed. Notably, Virstania seemed to be a staunch ally of the Setites who have played a role in protecting her children. It seems likely she may share a blood bond with ancient Setite, Seterpenre.

    Seterpenre, 4th Gen, Setite, childe of Set – agreed to help in the battle of Vienna, along with two elder Setites, Chione (Persephone_goldqueen) and Sagira (Persephone_Setite) in return for their hearts. Zosime offered Seterpenre’s heart before the battle, and she agreed to return the other two hearts after it was over. Also, the Setites and Assamites have been in an extensive war in the East. Alamut has been heavily ravaged. The Setites have fared better, but have lost notable elders, and their ranks taken a hit.

    Cosmin Balan, Gangrel member of the Ordo’s Council – agreed to help his brethren, and rallied some other Gangrel who took issue with the Tremere’s notorious use in the past and possible future of using them to make gargoyles, and they were extra feral after Viviane revealed the infernally tainted gargoyles Etrius had been making.

    Mason Land, Salubri neonate, Ordo Healer – agreed to help stop the Baali Viennese plague, and contributed by saving what plague victims he could and other casualties from the conflict a field hospital. The plague had mostly burnt itself out by the time he got there, however, there were still a number of souls afflicted and on death’s door he managed to save. Most importantly, the plague, was not allowed to mutate and, therefore, was contained and ended in Vienna.

    Chuggs, Nosferatu – agreed to help and coordinated with other Nosferatu who took issue with the Tremere’s notorious use in the past and possible future of using them to make gargoyles, especially after Viviane revealed the infernally tainted gargoyles Etrius had been making. They were invaluable sources of intelligence during the conflict.

    Claire and Blaire Reneau, Krasburg Harpies – agreed to help guide and direct the flow of gossip to create confusion, extending their reach across France and to Vienna, which has a significant amount of Toreador, under Marcel’s guidance. They were invaluable in directing the flow of information and stirring emotions to one cause or another in the battle.

    Tommy Vyzu (Ventrue), Juliette Alexander (Independent Ghoul) – agreed to help by using their economic know-how to help plunge Vienna into a short burn but sharp economic crisis, which helped make the city more malleable to a takeover.

    Alestors\Agents from the Camarilla – agreed to provide some help in “restoring order to Vienna” as their newest member of the Inner Circle, Viviane, brought a corrupted gargoyle to their attention, revealing Etrius’ infernal doings. However, their support was moderate as Etrius has quite a few allies in the Camarilla, and allegations against Viviane have been made as well. With two powerful Tremere in the mix, the Camarilla was reluctant to officially back one side or another until there was a clear victor.

    Order Soldiers\Abysmal Guards – Roughly 20 Abysmal guards that had been trapped in the Abyss were freed by Katerina De’Lavez to bolster the Order’s Militum.

    The Third Eye – a secret society of Tremere within the House, instigated by that troublemaker Viviane, dedicated to preserving and uplifting the Salubri again. They have studied the workings of the Chantry in Vienna for years, waiting for a moment when they can use that knowledge toward their purpose. And now’s the time. There was never any question whether they would agree or not to join this battle.

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