The Summons

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    We appeal to your higher sensibilities and call upon our brothers and sisters of the Blood to retire their enmity. The veil of our anonymity grows thin and we tempt our race to utter ruin if we continue to engage in open bellicosity. By this summons we solicit the sovereign entity of each Kindred to bring their grievances to Predjama Castle for convocation. Such an assembly has not been called for half a millennia and yet the need for a unified forum, free from the will of sect or clan, is manifest. All Kindred, not respective of generation or notoriety are summoned; not by command or persuasion but adhering only to the qualifications of their own conscience and singular philosophy. Let us come together not under the cloak of sect-law but that of Caine’s; honoring the tenets set down by our forbearers and forswearing violence for reason and discourse.

    We represent no solitary clan, sect, road, path or philosophy but merely the condition by which we all persist – that of the unliving. We seek only a peaceable discussion that we heartily desire will bring about a new concordance in which every Kindred may continue their existence, by their own standards, without threat of extinction.

    Thereby, let us convene at Predjama Castle one year hence from the date of this summons and abide without violence for a fortnight. Let each clan utilize the months preceding this gathering to propose amongst themselves the means by which they will ensure the protection and maintenance of their domains within the castle and those they leave behind. The grounds of Predjama cannot host the whole of our brethren, therefore we humbly ask that each clan allow a portion of their members to remain behind as assurance of peaceful accord. We leave the delegation of those you will send as representatives to your own method of selection. Those that choose to attend will be afforded hospitality in the way of lodgings and sustenance.

    You may send your letters of intent by your own couriers to Predjama Castle where they will be received anonymously. We do not seek elevation or celebrity by this request and will remain nameless for the sake of peace.

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