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    Convocation: The Speech of Marcel Durand

    “The King is Dead”


    My salutations and my thanks for you hearing me this evening.

    Brothers and sisters in the blood…

    It has been a night of most welcome revelations.

    *Marcel smiles and holds out his arms, one in Viviane’s direction, the other in Von Verden’s.*

    When I was but a young mortal, I like many of you, served a king. He ruled over us, spanked us when we were bad and taxed our goods for his wars in…well we never really knew where. He died when I was a boy, and I happened to see the coronation of his son.

    They cried, “The King is Dead. Long Live the King!”

    The crown passed again, and little changed. History repeated as it often does, having learned little. And so it is tonight that we look to the future, but also to the past. You’ve heard once again the siren call to “Unity!” Probably a Toreador’s idea.

    Avante-garde though we are, it is a stale cry 600 years later. So let us look to history…I admit it is not a subject to which I am accustomed. But yes, in times before the Kindred have come together.

    But where some see glory, I see cities burning and coteries of neonates burned to ash. Some will regail you with the “glory” that was Rome. But Carthage will fall loosely on their tongues…as does my last home of New York tonight.

    They will tell you bedtime stories of the Inquisition. But let us not forget from whence they came. A mortal organization was allowed to grow beyond the petty borders and city walls that contained them. And Kindred took the reigns of this organization, reaching for blood and gold far beyond their havens. So, if we look to the tableaux that came before us…I ask, when were the childer of Caine at their best?

    When unlife best no just for the elder atop the state and the cathedral…but for the neonate and his coterie? Surely history shows us that the Cainites have flourished when masters of their own domains. When princes ruled by leave of their subjects and…if not…were turned to ash by the same…With no back of Justicars or Paladins.

    Unity across domain lines has an unfortunate side effect you see. The dead push their hands beyond their domains. And in so doing, the mortals do likewise. And these great “empires” are the source of the hunters that dogged us at Thorns and those with armies and drones that beset us now.

    The Covenants do intrigue. Change we do need. But I say, let us not sew our own destruction with greed for foreign lands or allow the mortals to see us not only in our own domains but across oceans. Let us be masters of our own fates. And gather within out wall, and keep our mortals there and rule as we will by our own consent. Let it be ours what the Voivodes had then. The Gangrel prides running in the wilds. Our clans were great then. But now, we are stifled, looking beyond, not only for the Camarilla or Sabbat or Anarchs…or whatever other war we were born into but did no choose. Our very blood pulls us to them. Divisions not of like or unlike minded but of blood…of Ventue and Lasombra. Of Tzimizce and Tremere. And so I say to all…

    Let go of history. Rule and thrive in your domains!

    Let go of clan. But rule and serve those you choose in communities you can thrive in and take pride in. For Caine was great. And he did not need to be Ventrue or Lasombra…or Toreador to be such.

    Brothers and sisters in Caine..

    The King is Dead…So bury him…

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