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    Lenora Minogue

    Posting this for V, nice narrative!

    I often talk about a good death. Not everyone likes it. People avoid talking about it. It’s the least they can do, since it’s all that can be avoided. I remember once hearing Commander Navarre tell Leonor, when she and I were still children “I’m going to miss you when I die.” That’s when I realized I didn’t fear death. I feared that I might not be able to see the people I love. Looking back at my time in the Crusades, I realize that I can’t control everything. It’s not completely up to me if I can see these people anyway. The only thing I can control is how I feel about something. I’m afraid that I won’t see Leonor again, or Commander Navarre, or Preda, the other knights. I wonder how many of them made it back. I am afraid I won’t ever hold Leonor ever again, she must be so big now. I am afraid of that, but not death. The only good that can ever come from death is when you do it to protect your loved ones. That is a good death. I fear losing my mind like Commander Navarre. I fear not remembering the people I love anymore. I fear that, but not death. God, why do you let him be like this? Why do you make me do these things? Oslo then put on his blackened full helmet on his head. The visor was in the shape of a cross. He walked out of the alley and across to the Commander’s mansion door and pounded on it three times. Stepping away, he saw Preda open the door after a while. Oslo then shouted “Tell the Commander that the Black Knight is here to see him.” They fought the entire night, and every night since they still fight.

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