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    Lenora Minogue

    Marcel: “A real piece of shit – the covergirl of Fuckboy Monthly. Predictable, useless walking cock that genuinely believes being his insipid pansexuality is unique. It isn’t. Mongrels like him are perfectly happy dry humping the corner of a mattress.”

    Heinricus: “Dried up wasted excuse for a twat. The princling shit stain of a back water city of importance to literally no one. He behaves like some Machiavellian terror when in reality he’s just some autistic flatfaced square head bastard who care barely hold a civil conversation without scowling and waiting for everyone to remember to notice him. Give a faggot like him some pussy after 900 yrs and now he thinks he can bear his scrawny H &M emaciated chest and squeal at Hardestadt and get his way. Fuck that treacherous low life waify cock sucker.”

    Viviane: “The personification of delusion. This particular species of flavorless cunt is on a trite crusade to save a bunch of pussy weaklings that the world was happy to forget ever existed. Not to mention the fact she’s waddling her way into their society to demand tribute from a bunch of assholes who don’t give a fuck about her anyway. I would rather have rusted nails hammered into my ears than have to listen to her wail about her suffering because why? Some fat dickhead shoved his dick in her and screamed at her a little. A fucking tiresome attention whore of the worst order. Go sit by a river somewhere and fire a scroll of magic missles into your own face you fucking crybaby.”

    Zosime: “Could anyone be more pointless? Nothing on this planet that wasnt shit out of a mongloid retard hatchery could be as fucking imbecilic as this windows 95 blown out piece of shit. Dumb cunt hasnt seen a dick outside of national geographic in almost two millenia. Fucking android wouldn’t know what to do with it anyway aside from comment on its circumference and then pleasure herself to her private rape fantasies. Everyone knows that whore is probably jamming rusty pipes into her stone cold asshole. Get fucked, Zosime, and while you’re at it take a trip to the beach at noon and rest in peace as fish shit.”

    Katerina: “An eyerolling characature of a femme fatale. Completely useless elder who enjoys volleying toothless threats and cringeworthy cryptic half statements that make sense only to her dry rotted grey matter. A “virgin” who whored her cunt out to the impotent ruler of Kuntsberg. Her talents include fucking older kindred for a place to sleep, spending dusk til dawn sucking cock to remain relevant to her shithead husband, and pretending like she doesn’t get sopping wet at the idea of her uncle spooning his pox covered cock in her uncle-fucking ass. Hollow ruler of an equally hollow empire that owes her success entirely to letting some retard Ventrue dip his semi-soft-on dick inside her. 10/10 she’s full of shit and definitely let her daddy-uncle fuck her. Tiresome, washed up, suicide-girl knock off with a phony british accent. Fuck u, uncle fucker.”

    These were too good to get lost in the chat, so I posted these here courtesy of our B…I mean, our Hali!

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