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    Lenora Minogue

    Chuggs: Ay gurl? Sup! Wtf u doin?

    Hali: Ah, my favorite shit-skinned degenerate. How can I help?

    Chuggs: Shit-skinned? Fuck u ho, can make this shit look like Denzel if I want. Wut u wearin?

    Hali: Do me a favor, make yourself look like Margaret Thatcher and kill yourself.

    Chuggs: Yeah gurl, u kinky shit. Lemme get my robe and wizard hat. And we can finish where we left off the otha night.

    Hali: But since you rang…we can…if you agree to a bit of equivalent exchange. Fuck. I forgot you read on a 4th grade level. Sorry I mean can you do something for me first?

    Chuggs: Fuk yeah. Whatuneed? Cause I’m bout to drop it on ur ass like mayo. Gonna drop on you like this mix * sends files of Meaty K’s mix *

    *Hali immediately deletes and breaks yet another phone, replies eventually.*

    Hali: Are you still pimping your skills out to Herman and Lily Munster?

    ZulUWarri0R_Pu$$y_frEak: u kno it, keepin it real and Chuggaluggin I gotz wut u ned

    Hali: Tell you what, you do me a favor – maybe tell me what dumpster fuckboi Durand is bedding down in and I sent you a grainy pic of some side boob. Deal?

    ZulUWarri0R_Pu$$y_frEak: F’sho gurl! Deal! Lemme tell you a lil somethin then. Fuck boi been laying it down with Leprachaun ass and shit with dogs up in there and all. Howling at the moon, if u feel me. Feel me gurl! He done busted his nut something fierce, lookin’ all outlandish, tore up and smellin’ like wet dog just come out of the Pole. U ain’t know?

    Hali: *5 mins later* I’m sorry I was brushing up on my Section-8. I assume what you’re saying is that fuckboi was screwing around with some Gaia shitheads and he and crybaby Pole had an alter – a scrap, they brawled yeah?

    ZulUWarri0R_Pu$$y_frEak: u know it gurl, fur be flappin’ like dem furries fukin’. Now I done shown u mine, sho me urs. Bet ur pussy aint even got no smell. Be like water.

    *Hali shows him a shitty, grainy sideboob pic.*

    Hali: A cheap deal’s a deal right? Anyway *inserts the address to a hotel in New Orleans*…have one of your 7-11 homies stop by with the intent on that shitstain Nossie. Say 10 pm. I’m making a trip to bourbon street tonight. Later, fuck stick.


    We_Wuz_Clit_Kangz17: Oh gurl, that shit is droppin’. Put ur tongue on ur nipple and juice urself. I’ma off and go holla, L8TR, Beck-Hali.

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