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    Here’s a brief of what to expect first game.

    The intro narration is LONG! I’m trying to do some decent scene setting for this first game and want to you to experience it live. I know it can be tedious for some of you so I will try to be quick about it. As you know, I won’t always be this long winded. I’ll naturally post the intro text after the game for you to re-read or ignore. We’re not using sheets this first game. This is simply the opener to allow you to get comfortable in your new character and establish relationships, etc.

    Having said that, I will be guiding the story to specific intervals. I have discussed previously how I won’t be as heavy handed this chronicle as in OTVD. This first game will require navigation on my part. I think you all are aware of my not-so-subtle nudges to advance in a different direction. This will only happen maybe once or twice. The rest is all up to you.

    Because we have such a big crowd for the first game, there will be a point at the beginning in which each character will be allowed a portion of time to describe themselves and emote.

    DO NOT go over 10 minutes.

    Simply take your turn and whisper me when you’re done. Feel free to explore the scene. Interact with the props at your leisure. The section of the map we will start on is fairly confined so don’t be afraid to move about. Since we have so many people, I foresee some things getting lost in chat flood. I STRONGLY encourage you, if you wish to interact with another player without distraction to utilize the whisper function or ask me to port you to another portion of the map. I can record in those instances to preserve the RP. Please don’t be afraid to ask this. It’s more than okay.

    Now, about the setting…

    OTVD players understand how the world is different based on the events from that chronicle. I won’t go into this at all in the opening narration. It’ll be handled in short bursts of narration throughout the game or later down the line. I’ll try to preclude these bursts with “proceed” so that you don’t have to pause your rp to wait for more ominous white text.

    Alright then!

    It’s a pleasure entertaining you once again and I thank you for giving me the opportunity to abuse you in a fictional world for the second time!

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