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    Lenora Minogue

    A Word about the Lasombra courtesy of a certain Heinricus von Verden:

    The folly of the Lasombra will always be their Social Darwinism, their adherence to an overused and oversimplified creed: that of “Might makes Right”

    We Ventrue rule because it is the office bequeathed to us by our noble ancestor who ruled in the Second City and because we MUST! Who could be the Guardians of the Kindred, Caine’s Legacy, if not us? The Toreador with their preference for form over function?

    The Lasombra, instead, rule because they can. By their accounting, if a path leads you towards success then it is, by definition, the correct one, regardless of how lowly and unworthy it may be. An opinion shared by the Low Clans, rogues and malcontents.

    Know, childe, that you stand to gain more Dignitas, even if only marginally so, by taking the correct path and failing than by succedding through lowly means. But you will not fail, childe. Not me and not the clan.

    It was this belief that led to Gratiano; that fat, little man who now resides in São Paulo, feeding from mestiços and creoles, his style, whatever is currently elegant, done loudly; to devour his Sire, the very Founder of the Lasombra; or attempt to, in truth; and this belief that led to the birth of the Sabbat, an army in which something as crucial as the leadership can be decided through a form of gladiatorial combat known as “monomancy.”

    Bah, as if Rome would have ever chosen its Senators through the Pit.

    By emulating this Great Rebel; their words, not mine, childe, I assure you; the young of the Lasombra have become so irascible and so likely to kill cows to wear their hides as to become nearly indistinguishable from the Brujah. A far cry from your dignity, I believe you will agree, my childe.

    A flawed rebellion leads to a flawed organization which leads to flawed clanmates. Little wonder then when we were able to use the influx of silver to raise the Inflation in Spain by 400% which, combined with the creole merchant families we sponsored…ah, but I wander, a topic we will approach in its own time.

    I won’t accept the Lasombra’s faults as an excuse for you to underestimate them, however. They are forever doomed to nip at our heels but if a dog catches you by the calf and thrashes, he will tear it off. Always watch your back, and kick them when there is need.


    ** Posted this on behalf of JB – Enjoy! **



    A Lasombra’s Response

    The great past time of the Venture is to loath about the Lasombra. One would think there is nothing more pleasurable to them than to bandy complaints and insipid japes about their cousins between themselves. While the Ventrue hawk their admonishments from their ivory perches and name us savage they neglect to pluck the excrement from their own feathers. They conduct their scheming behind a grim countenance, bemoaning the burden they claim to bear on behalf of all Kindred and behind that same mask they are little more than a preening girl who wails when they are not given the hollow adoration they crave without merit. Let them criticize our methods. Let it vex them. While they worry themselves with what we do in the shadows, we allow them the indulgence and carry on. For as much as we have troubled them…they have never troubled us at all.



    Another Lasombra’s Response

    Oh woe is me, the ever vigilant master of man and beast, cutting a tragic figure with the weight of mine self-entitled rule of the world burdening mine shoulders as I strut the stage and perform feats of such magnificent magnitude that Plato and Shakespeare themselves would suffer rebirth just to pen but a few syllables.

    Vexatious Ventrue would have you believe that we are but poor cousins, ruling because might dictates it so. They miss the point entirely. Lasombra rule not only because we can but because we are, by the gifts bestowed upon us, the very essence of what it is to be Kindred. We rule the night, and the night protects and provides succor to our many brethren. We draw strength from the Abyss, and idea that strikes fear into even the eldest of other Clans. A lion is the apex predator of the savannas of Africa because it embodies its home’s wild nature just as it brutally beats down all those who would truly try to rise against it. It is the way of the world that the strongest rise; there are many proverbs that support this, and God Himself encoded this into the very fabric of nature itself.

    I say let our venerable cousins stew in their jealousy. They may command legions, but I command that which their legions and their masters fear. And fear in the world of darkness is King.

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