image by Pau Minguelll @PauMinguell

The Blood Gospel

Status: Ongoing

Synopsis: A young noble Englishwoman from Cairo and hussar soldier from the mean streets of London find themselves embroiled in the supernatural machinations of Victorian England.

Playing characters: Adeline Iris Everett, Stanley Kipp

Videos from sessions of the Blood Gospel


The Order of the Venerable Dead

Status: Ongoing

Synopsis: A secret order of powerful, old kindred from an array of clans and sects come together to deal with a staggeringly devastating outbreak of Baali in New York City. Will the Order be able to save the city and themselves from the ultimate darkness?

Primary antagonists: Judith Maric

Important non player characters: Luthienne De’Loncre

Playing characters: Alec, Blyte, Delphine d’Orléans, Heinricus von Verden, Marcel, Sphinx

Videos from the sessions of the Order of the Venerable Dead

The Upside Down Sinner: The Liongod Training Grounds
A group of travelers visit Liongod’s notorious training grounds.

Part 1