Game’s Crashing:

* Sometimes right after character creation, you may crash. However, usually, this is a one-time deal, and the next time you start the game, you should be able to play normally.

* You may have too many .nob files in your gaming directory. Start by reducing the number of maps in your directory. As a rule of thumb, it’s best not to include more than 1-2 maps at once. So remove any that you aren’t currently using from your main gaming directory.

After Loading a Game, You Keep Getting Kicked Back to the Main Menu and/or Game’s Crashing:

* Go to your main game directory, and then empty the contents of the Crypt folder. This is where the game saves characters, so you’ll have to remake your characters after emptying the Crypt folder.

Additionally, if you find you’re still having issues, you may have hidden compatibility files for this game. Check C:\users\YOURNAME\AppData\Local\VirtualStore and delete the Crypt folder there if you find one.

Textures Look Strange or Don’t Render:

Use alt+tab to minimize the game, then maximize it again. This usually clears up these kind of glitches.

Game Screen Is Black or Grayed Out:
This glitch sometimes occurs when you have the game minimized and the storyteller ports your character to another location. To fix this, you’ll have to re-start the game, and then resist alt+tab until the storyteller ports you. If this doesn’t work after a couple of tries, the storyteller may have too many npcs in a location and may have to remove a few.