1. Can I join?

    Yes! Just register, and let us know you’ve taken interest. Join a forum scene, start your own, post a narrative, or contact a storyteller for instructions.

  2. What clans are excluded?

    None! No clan choice is automatically excluded. Choose any you want. Some chronicles, however, may have their own specific guidelines about clans. So just post in the forum of the chronicle you wish to play in, or contact a storyteller, to determine if your preferred clan is an issue.

  3. What are chronicles named, and what are they about?

    See Chronicles page for brief overviews.

  4. How often do you play and using what platform?

    Games times will vary between chronicles. Please visit the Chronicles page for more info.

    We play using Vampire: The Masquerade Redemption as a platform. We use Tunngle to create a LAN connection between all players.

    If you are unfamiliar with this, please PM either the site owner or administrator for instructions.

  5. So exactly how do I play?

    Well, you make up a character, write a history for them, choose a clan, roll dice, and beat the ever living shit out of other players…


    But on a serious note, get familiar with PnP style RP. If you’re not familiar, Google it. Unfortunately for newbies this is not a training ground – or is it. (Newbies are, of course, welcome).

    For more information on the technical side of using Vampire: the Masquerade – Redemption to play, check our How to Play section.

  6. What files will I need to play the game?

    Please visit the files section to find a list of game materials and instructions for their use.

  7. What system are you using?

    The system of each chronicle will vary but generally most chronicles will use classic WOD unless otherwise specified by their STs. Sheet usage will vary from chronicle to chronicle.

    1. What are the forum rules?

      There are no rules, unless you make me make some up. Trolling, harassment, and flaming are tolerated to a point. And serious debate is encouraged. I really don’t care what you talk about. Use common sense, and be respectful of others.

      Do not plagiarize any of the narratives written in the Moonlighting thread. They are the sole property of their authors.

      If you act a fool, regulation will occur and you will be kicked and banned, plain and simple.

      I am the Law.

    2. What’s the Moonlighting forum all about?

      Moonlighting is definitely the best part of the forums. Feel free to get creative and make up a narrative for your character/NPC. There is no limit to how many times you can post or any particular rules on what kind of content can or can not be posted.

      All I ask is that you try not to include chronicle spoilers, and do not take liberties with another person’s character unless you have their permission. In other words, don’t write a narrative about someone else’s character as factual. If it’s your opinion fine. But don’t go high jacking each other’s stuff. It makes people mad.

      In regards to scene threads, please work out combat amongst yourselves or consult with the ST of your chronicle. If you’re doing your scene sans a parent chronicle, then do your thing. The rest of us won’t bother you.

      Please feel free to begin as many scene threads as you like and coax other players into forum rp’ing with you.