Pagan Religion


Vanez of Lifa

The pagan village elders say that if you dig deep enough you can find fire water. It’s water that is made from fire. Vanez, our god of the hunt, was born of this fire water. He then climbed through the long caves from deep within the underground and emerged above ground. He spat on an arrow and lit it like a torch. Vanez then fired the flaming arrow into the sky and it became the sun. The sun then showed Vanez the world above ground, and it was so beautiful, and captivating that Vanez never wanted to go under the ground again, because it was cold, wet, and dark there. This is why we burn our dead, so their breath of life can rise with the smoke and reach the sun.

In the light of the sun he made, Vanez could see all the animals in the world and hunted the deadliest ones. These were giant lizards with wings that had a poisonous bite. The ones he didn’t kill went into hiding, never to be heard from again. With no more predators to bother the other, less deadly, animals the world flourished, and Vanez hunted the other animals, and they died with honor. It was glorious, but eventually Vanez was bored and lonely. He then made us people and taught us how to hunt. We became the best marksmen ever, but our pride was our downfall. There is a man by no name that one day claimed he was as good a marksman as Vanez, and to prove it he lit an arrow from the sacred flame of his village and shot it into the sky with Vanez’s hunting bow. The flaming arrow became the moon, but it’s still not as bright as the sun, so Vanez is still better.

Vanez was jealous of this man and took back his hunting bow, but then realized he should be proud instead of jealous. He rewarded the man with the cunning of the hunter, so that his marksman skill would be better put to use. We teach this knowledge to our progeny so they can continue the hunt, and encourage them to always become better than the best marksman they know.