DA Krasburg


Krasburg Chronicles

Status: Ongoing

Synopsis: Journey through the rich history and landscape of medieval Krasburg and all the schemes, wars, greed, industry, and sacrifice that go with it in this unique world of crushing darkness and beauty.

Dark Ages Cast: Bloody Baron, Count, Countess, Lady Leonor, Mayor, Moneylender, Oslo Morvayne, Sir Navarre
DA Krasburg: Krasburg County is where war comes from. It is born from the hands of hardy, hard working men that work metal the same way a Tzimisce toys with flesh. To these artists, forging was their way of interacting to the world, always adapting and improving their craft or design of weapons depending on how combat evolved. Knights were no longer merely armored with chain mail. They had steel plates, head, foot, and hand gear. Their weapons deadlier than ever, and no shortage of thuggish, drunken, downtrodden, unemployed men. This lost generation was the product of one of the greatest architectural feats of the middle ages. The town of Vyzu, capital of Krasburg County, was where the largest Cathedral in the world had been built. The project lasted fifty years, and remained half finished for forty of those years. It attracted men from all over the Holy Roman Empire who toiled endlessly, some for their entire adult life, before becoming crippled or falling ill.

When the Cathedral was finished, these men had nothing left to do. There were one hundred thousand males, aged 13-48 that worked in all the industries involved in having built the world’s largest Christian Catholic place of worship. This was truly God’s house and He had the biggest one in all of Western Europe. The Emperor’s palace was nowhere near as big. Nine in ten of these men were now unemployed because the project had been completed. The celebrations lasted for an entire year. Krasburg County was completely overwhelmed by pilgrims, some rich while most poor, that all came to visit God’s largest house on earth. The Count of Krasburg had anticipated this and cleverly prepared for a tournament that would match this scale of celebration. This was to be the largest tournament ever to be organized.

The Count had been also building an estate for himself, out in the country side, during the past few years. This is where he retreated to as he mobilized all the unemployed men in preparation for the tournament. Having vacated the castle, the Count staged a simulated siege against it. There were eighty thousand attackers against ten thousand defenders. The Castle was in a perfectly placed strategic position that made it hard for the defenders to reach it. The arrows used had been blunts and they had been painted to make it easier to count the simulated casualties. The men were encouraged to do their best and not concern themselves with which side wins the tournament. The castle siege simulation was repeated weekly for an entire year. By now, the defenders and attackers worked like an orchestra, it was beautiful to watch. The defenders had won most of the time, but had unfortunately lost the last ten weeks in a row. This worried the Count because it showed that if an attacker was persistent enough, they would eventually find a way to conquer what he thought was an impenetrable castle.