When Robin was sired, she lived a confusing and most chaotic life of misery, trapped between two worlds of existence and the weight of responsibility unlike any in her condition should have to carry. It has been foretold that she will be the Queen of the lands and she, naturally just wishing to just be, denied this and followed the path of the people – in the small ways, aiding them where she can. When she became a Fold member she refused to become part of their higher order, simply being an associate for centuries. Slowly but surely, she became more and more pushed towards a role of responsibility by her fellows; almost a spiritual leader – as she would be their moral sound board whenever they felt they might have fallen from the path of Humanity.

The trouble is, Robin mostly refused to accept her Duty as Queen because she never wanted the responsibility. She was happy serving her people whilst walking among her people – this is all she ever wanted, even as a mortal. Then her reasons deepened. Shaitan, the founder of the Baali, recognised within Lore a truth – that the Land and the Ruler are One. Should he be able to corrupt her he would be able to corrupt the land and, effectively, create hell on earth. His children would thrive and so, he has waited patiently for Robin to accept her Duty so he will then goad her. He now sleeps – but has passed on the responsibility to his trusted and beloved childe – the sociopathic Lisle. Everything that Lisle has done up to this point, the harassment, the corruption, the manipulation, has all been toward the goal her sire set out before her.

After siring Elspeth some 300 years ago, she felt more obligated to a take a higher position within the Fold, to take a more active and ‘louder’ role within the worldly politics. She established herself less within whispers in the night of the ‘Lady in Red’ and became Robin.

She established political associates within many factions and friendships wherever possible as this is simply within her nature. She herself leant more toward the Anarchs for their mentality but respected the Camarilla way of being, recognising that they were trying to protect Kindred within a society of Kine. She agreed that, for the longest time, Kine simply weren’t ready… Though some were, and those, were left with the whispered secrets. She, like the other Fold members, watched over their fellows, making pacts of agreement for comradery, respect, friendship and unity wherever they went.

Robin established the Invisibles College, a safe haven for any and all Meta-humans to stay, study and improve their abilities in a place where they felt they could do so without being a harm to anyone else. The rest of the Fold were pleased with this and many of them took roles as tutors for the Meta’s, deepening their connection and understanding of the human relation.

Members of the Fold have become her crown court, the titles they bear are actually titles of the court – knowing or not. The responsibility that each entitles are ones that are suited to the character’s soul and demeanour.

Over time there have been those who have been simply waiting, quiet and patient for her to take her role; but as she comes into her acceptance, others are Malkavians who know the truth, scholars, Lore-followers expectants, truth seers and seekers Meta-humans. Garou and Kindred alike; even some of the Changelings who are in these lands. Some appear to the most unlikely of comrades are all joining the Chant of “I follow my Queen” whilst the Malkavians have been trying to warn everyone with the eerie message, “The storm is coming”.

Like ripples in a pond, those who know and have been saved by, or have been aware of Robin, or the Fold, whom they have supported over the years – they remember. Their children remember, their friends and family remember. You get rescued by some wingless angel like hell are you going keep it to yourself… and that spreads, especially over centuries of accumulation.

As Robin accepts her role as Queen, the others, the supporters, come in their droves out of the shadows to flock to her side; complete strangers, most of them, to many of the Fold members – especially the newest generation.

~~~So now onto the last game and how it all relates~~~

Lisle has become sick of waiting and feels the swell of readiness. She is angry, finally, for the Fold and Hunters have taken all three of her Childer away from her – instruments of her destruction. She was also pissed at the Lasombra Demoness for her interference and lack of vision. She had moved against Lisle, causing the ‘cure’ to negatively affect all Kindred who consumed it in one way or another, turning it into the lust poison. She felt the need for revenge and subsequently, recognised that the Fold had too many supporters – so killed two birds with one stone.

She blew up the major Camarilla Havens.

Before the NY explosion, London went kaboom first. That’s why the majority of the Fold are there. Then the NY haven, Elyseum, exploded. That’s what was witnessed by the youngest of the Fold on that night. Then, France, Germany, then from West coast to East coast America, Italy and other havens, all suffered similar terrorist attacks.

The NET just went into overdrive with so many Nosferatu going “ahhhh what the fuck!?” what do we do? Most of the Nosferatu population are doing what they do best – hiding, recording, listening and sending messages from one source to the other but even they are freaking at the idea of the Camarilla so severely damaged.

And the Malkavian hive? The Chant now is, “The storm has come; The Camarilla has fallen”. Right now, every Malkavian worth their salt has this going around and around their heads, muttering it until they are free of the words. Elspeth is visibly shaken, more by what’s happening on a global scale than her assassination attempt by Lisle in the street.

No one knew what was going on until they turned on the TV because most of the phone lines are jammed – like on New Years as too many messages, signals, contacts everywhere it jams the system. This, coupled with the Governments panicking and turning off the signal towers for a while, thinking that it’ll slow down the terrorism. So many people are confused, scared, distracted – they don’t know what’s going on and have jammed the signal towers.

Over the next few hours watching the TV there appears, first in France, then quickly spreading across Europe, the sign of a Flag being raised. Oddly, it’s the Nosferatu who start this; Max and his progeny. Max who is usually based in London has been spotted in France because that’s where Julien, his childe, is as he is already aware of the Fold members within London doing their part. Upon the flag lies a red and black background, the image of a book, then a bird atop that; the base of the flag is torn, Ragged, you might say; the flag of their Queen – so they claim, and continue the Chant proudly, “We follow our Queen!”

In Italy, Wulf and Kat are spotted, working with a tribe of Garou a good 30 strong, including Joshua, clearing rubble and saving innocents as they go along.

In Germany, people no one seems to recognise except for a Robin look-alike, when she turns you realise it’s Merek, directing them to help clear the rubble there and save what’s left of the Camarilla. They two have risen a flag identical to the one Max’s kin has been carrying, and continuing the Chant, “We follow our Queen!”

To say the least, the Masquerade has gone to hell. Most of the Camarilla have been executed in the terrorist attacks. The Fold members, with the support of comrades, associates, friends and family, have flocked to save those who remain and get them, and the Kine injured in the fall, to safety. This is near impossible to achieve under the Masquerade – so it’s on hiatus, probably long term, now. The Kine are confused and scared – and probably will be until someone steps up and explains what the hell is going on, or if there’s a cover up.

No one has seen the Prince of NY since before the explosion, though Robin ensured that those that survived have been moved to a safe house to heal and recoup; then she disappeared…