Blood and Money

Status: Ongoing

Synopsis: What has happened to successful club owner and Giovanni/Camarilla diplomat Balthazar Pearce?

Playing characters: Daisy BelleJuliette AlexanderMichelle “Chelle” CroweNicky Giovanni, Themis Leigh, Tommy “Like The Gun” Vyzu

Important non player characters: Sebastian Dark, Balthazar Pearce, Vito Putanesca 


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Krasburg Chronicles

Status: Ongoing

Synopsis: Journey through the rich history and landscape of medieval and modern day Krasburg and all the schemes, wars, greed, industry, and sacrifice that go with it in this unique world of crushing darkness and beauty.

Dark Ages Cast: Bloody Baron, Count, Countess, Lady Leonor, Mayor, Moneylender, Oslo Morvayne, Sir Navarre,

Modern Day Cast: Sphinx, Taipan, Tim



The Most Dangerous Game

Status: Completed

Synopsis: The coterie has been summoned for their unique abilities and skills to investigate missing Kindred in New York City. Also, mortals are reporting strange paranormal activity in droves, and the unusually high amount of reports is getting too large for even the Camarilla to contain.

Most of the chaos centers around a small group of rival Lasombra who have cultivated the coterie for nefarious purposes. There is also deep and ongoing corruption with the Tremere Chantry, the Tremere had begun to actively engage in diablerie resulting in their banishment from the city.

Primary antagonists: Elric De’Lorme, E, Katerina De’Lavez, Marcus Vandermeer

Playing characters: Enyara Blake, Carnera, Anne Bennett, Quinn Bailey




The Order of the Venerable Dead

Status: Ongoing

Synopsis: A secret order of powerful, old kindred from an array of clans and sects come together to deal with a staggeringly devastating outbreak of Baali in New York City. Will the Order be able to save the city and themselves from the ultimate darkness?

Primary antagonists: Lykenia

Important non player characters: Luthienne De’Loncre, Judith Maric

Playing characters: Alec, Blyte, Delphine d’Orléans, Domino, Heinricus von Verden, Marcel, Sphinx, Tristan Kranzer, Viviane Morgause

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The Upside Down Sinner

Status: Completed

Synopsis: Abandoned, rusted weapons of war; a river stained with blood; a scarred, bare river-bottom with no signs of vegetation; this is what marks an empire of turmoil. The peace-loving, religious nation of Liongod and the military nation of Fireglyph, once joined as one peaceful empire, have been at war with one another for years with no end in sight. Although, neither can give a straight forward answer for the cause of the war, both nations continue their plans for ownership of a land that has already been destroyed in the process. Along with this, a bandit’s guild and a kindred faction aren’t making things easy. Many wise men believe that without one another, both nations are doomed to ash. What effect will your presence have on this land and who will you side with in the end?

Important non playing characters: Eliza, Jes, Kimora, Lavitz, Mortimer Alsted, Master Razormaw, Will

Playing characters: Al-Rashid, Arinna (Poppy), Brock, Egil, Eva, Krinos

image by Pau Minguelll @PauMinguell


The Blood Gospel

Status: Ongoing

Synopsis: A young noble Englishwoman from Cairo and hussar soldier from the mean streets of London find themselves embroiled in the supernatural machinations of Victorian England.

Playing characters: Adeline Iris Everett, Stanley Kipp

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