Vito Putanesca

Vito Putanesca


Character Name: Vito Putanesca

Chronicle: Blood and Money

Clan: Putanesca bloodline of the Giovanni clan

Sire: Calogero Putanesca

Year of Birth: 1913

Year of Embrace: 1945

Occupation: Owner of Club Zinc



“I love New York City; I’ve got a gun.”

– Charles Barkley






Vito Putanesca was born in Sicily in 1913 in the shadows of the mafia. He worked for “La Cosa Nostra” since he was a boy and, like his mother, was likely to be Embraced by a Putanesca kindred by age 30. There were some who had their doubts whether the warm and compassionate Vito could stomach the existence of a Putanesca vampire.

In the 1920’s Mussolini came to power and cracked down on organized crime. Though he had a certain respect for the Italian dictator and what he wanted to do for his people, Vito fought against Mussolini and for the mafia. In 1938 he was arrested for a long list of crimes and put in prison. It was not until after the Allied Invasion of Sicily of July 1943 that he was released. He had convinced them he was a political prisoner.

5 years in prison can change a man, and they say this was true of Vito Putanesca. He had become more ruthless, cruel and vengeful. He seemed now a perfect choice for Embrace into the Putanesca bloodline. But first, Vito wanted revenge on Mussolini. Italian Communists got to him first on April 27th, 1945. When his dead body arrived in Milan two days later, Vito was there. They say he personally put a meathook into Mussolini’s corpse and hung it upside down from the roof of an Esso gas station. A couple nights later, Vito Putanesca was Embraced by Calogero Putanesca.

Vito advanced in knowledge, skill and power over the following decades. Sicily had always been his home, and he loved it, but a part of him wanted a shot at the big time and that meant America. In 1984 the Italian government initiated and anti-mafia policy and went after its leaders. This most likely had something to do with Vito being given the opportunity to go to Atlantic City and work with the Giovanni already in charge there. His reputation as a sensible business man and his wealth grew over the next 20 years. This just made Vito want more.

In 2010 he moved to New York City. He bought Club Zinc from its struggling owners at a fraction of what it was worth. Now he owns one of the most successful new clubs in Manhattan and has at least 4 kindred working for him. In addition, he is domitor to 2 thralls: his wife of 5 years, Theresa and his favorite barista from Sicily.


Theresa and Barrista
Vito’s barista with Vito’s wife