Themis Leigh

image by KnavesAndKnots @DeviantArt
image by KnavesAndKnots @DeviantArt

Character: Themis Leigh
Clan: Tremere Ghoul
Year of Birth: 1966
Ghouled: 1996
Domitor: Engel Klar

Bio: Born to attorney parents in 1966, Themis Leigh, was raised in Kent, England. Like her namesake, Themis was focused on order and tradition even as a child. It is no wonder that as she grew older she chose a career in Library Science. After she obtained her doctorate degree she took a job as chief librarian at Harvard University in America. There she met her husband, Jonathan Leigh, also an Englishman and professor himself. They married in 1993 and had two children, a son and a daughter.

Themis’s work often put her in contact with strange books and even stranger people. She met her Domitor, the Tremere Engel Klar, while researching a packet of letters (now known to be of Tremere origin). Themis was captivated by the man though she was still suspicious of his truthfulness up until the point he offered her his blood. Unfortunately for Themis, she did not fully comprehend the consequences of becoming a vampire thrall. She abandoned her family and spent a year arranging evidence to suggest she had been kidnapped and murdered. Themis has never discussed her family outside the Tremere but makes strides to see that mysterious deposits are made to their accounts and that they are provided for though she has never tried to make contact with them for their own safety.

In keeping with the tradition of cloistered Tremere, Themis has had very little exposure with other Kindred and is essentially terrified of them. She does not see the Tremere as monsters but elevated scientists. It is because of this bias that she finds dealing with other vampires and ,indeed, other ghouls as exceptionally frightening.

Character: Themis is a very pleasant individual and takes strides to be accommodating at all times. Her quirky flaw that she fears the very monsters she serves makes her nervousness comical at times. Themis is, of course, utterly loyal to the Tremere but a small part of her finds the other clans titillating though she is far too nervous to seek them out on her own. She only interacts with other kindred if asked. She is a secret smoker and for reasons unknown somehow believes she is judged for it.

Appearance: Themis is of small stature and build with mouse brown hair that she normally pins up and glasses (which apparently she requires.) She is often impeccably dressed and wears only a Bloodstone given to her by Engel. Her look could be described as sterile with many Kindred chomping at the bit to defile her.