300px-SettiteCharacter: Sphinx
Clan: Setite
His Former Ghoul: Lykenia

Appearance: A despicable looking thug who wears sunglasses at night with two cobra tattoos on his bald head.

Quotes about Sphinx: “He doesn’t hate me for what I am, but for what he isn’t anymore.” – Delphine d’Orléans, Salubri.

“Utterly ridiculous. My blood simply recoils at what I can only assume is his great age. He has the sad, oily appearance of a Moor and deals in whores and intoxicants. What’s more is that I believe he understands that it is beneath him and I marvel at why he is awake at all. It is a wonder that his Brethren don’t fear him…or at least they appear not to. You can hear the screams of centuries rippling through his blood and yet he behaves like a common Giovanni whore-master.” – Katerina De’Lavez, Lasombra.

Bio: Little is known of the illusive and aptly named Sphinx, though some whisper he is quite a bit more ancient than his common street thug demeanor might imply, that he was, at one time, a priest of Ra before being led astray by Set, who sent him irresistible temptations in the guise of a beautiful woman. She ferried him over into darkness, birthing him into night, a childe of Set, and some speculate he might have become a pharaoh, or even several, each time adding a number or increasingly clever variation of his true name, masquerading as his own descendants. Time passed, the pyramids finished, revolts ensued in the absence of the industry the construction of those colossal building projects brought. Sphinx’s long reign allegedly toppled before he could announce a project that would even surpass the great pyramids. If there are any truths to the myth, it is truly humbling to think that Sphinx, who once stood a giant, a god over men and a pillar of the ages is now a lowly drug dealer in the slums of New York and barely scraping by nightly.