Nicky Giovanni

image by Grinch7 @DeviantArt

Character: Nicky Giovanni
Clan: Giovanni
Song: “Wise Guy” – Joe Pesci

Personal Quote: “Contrary to what you may have been told, I have no ill will toward the living. I merely prefer the dead. The deader the better you might say. I think I’ll learn to like you.” – Nicky Giovanni

Quotes about Nicky: “I know a lot of operators won’t work with Nicky. Whatever, he seems fine to me.” – Zeke, Malkavian Antitribu, pack priest, scion on the Path of Screams.

“Some say Nicky isn’t a people person, but that’s just not true. Given enough years, he ends up liking everyone.” – Mother Juliette Alexander, Ventrue Ghoul, protege of Sebastian Dark.

Nicky grew up in a dark, moldy cellar in a small house in Las Vegas. He was a quiet boy. He knew from the welts on his backside that mother didn’t like the noise, not when the men were upstairs. He’d been bad, going to get a glass of milk when mother had a gentleman. He knew he deserved the switch. Mother was kind. She had to keep him hidden away because there were monsters outside. Monsters that only wanted him, not the other boys and girls he watched playing through the tiny windows above the shelf with the old wooden boxes. He tried to join them once or twice and made poor mother use a cane. He stayed quiet in the cellar for week, sobbing softly, how could he be so bad to her when all she did was protect him? She called him up when the men were gone, but he could hardly face her. But mother’s voice was warm, her face bright. She opened her robe, revealing the frilly underthings with the soft lace, black with shiny pink on the underside of the laces. She touched her breast lightly as she called to him and he knew it would be alright. He could have supper tonight.