Judith Maric

image by SphinxR @Deviant Art
image by SphinxR @Deviant Art

Character: Judith “Jozefa” Maric
Clan: Baali
Year of Birth: Currently In Question
Year of Embrace: 2008
Sire: Damiano Alvarez
Childe: Unknown Girl “Glory”

Quote: “Why? …I thought it would be fun.”

Bio: Perhaps no Kindred has been more destructive to New York City than Judith Maric. She is directly and often indirectly responsible for many of the infernal calamities that have befallen NYC in recent years. Born, Jozefa, she adopted the name Judith, a Catholic saint whom she had admired in her youth, and perhaps to distance herself from her tumultuous nature.

Judith’s mortal life was fraught with chaos and uncertainty. She grew up in a city of middling size in Croatia, with her mother Zora and alcoholic father. Her mother was doting and very protective of her daughter and sought to give her an American education, reluctantly sending her away when she came of age to NYC to attend University. There, Judith, met her boyfriend at the time, a fellow Croatian student named Marko, and moved in with him. For a time all was idyllic between the two but after a while he succumbed to his own alcoholism and excessive drug usage. He became abusive of Judith and encouraged her own abuse of drugs and alcohol. Judith, far from home and too ashamed to ask her family for help allowed Marko to manipulate her. Sometime into her sophomore year of college she became pregnant which disgusted and enraged Marko. He gave her money to terminate the pregnancy but she couldn’t and kept it hidden from him for several months. When Marko discovered medical documents in their apartment relating to prenatal care he savagely beat Judith and left her. She began to miscarry and gave birth to a six month old male child who was barely alive and appeared to be suffering. In her panic and grief, Judith strangled the infant to death to end its suffering and buried him in a shoe box in a nearby public park. Abandoned by her boyfriend, unable to survive without his income, and too depressed to continue school she took up work as an exotic dancer to make ends meet all the while continuing to tell comforting lies to her mother about the situation. Spurred on by her own growing alcoholism and cocaine addiction Judith began to prostitute herself the patrons of the strip club where she worked.

It was during this time she was Embraced during a tryst with a mysterious client and awoke as a Caitiff vampire, abandoned by her sire with no real understanding of what she was. She was subsequently taken in by a group of Elder Kindred (Enyara, Clive Wells “Lisimba Badru”, Alec Durand, and David Rhade). She formed an immediate bond with Clive, a self proclaimed Ravnos, who was accepting of her scandalous and chaotic nature. It was clear though that something was terribly wrong with this fledgling Caitiff. She began to exhibit disturbing diabolic behavior and did not seem in control of her own actions. It was discovered that she was under the influence of demonic forces and the coterie intervened free her of this bondage. While they delved into Judith’s condition, the coterie was faced with dealing with the machinations of a perceived demonic entity, Sacer. As she shared in the trials and tribulations of the coterie, she and Clive eventually became lovers while she and Alec maintained a sexually tense friendship with Judith often leading him on without gratification. It was eventually revealed that Judith’s sire, was the demonic conduit and Baali elder, Damiano Alvarez, who had embraced Judith for reasons unknown at that time. When Judith encountered another Baali ancient, Lenora Minogue, she revealed all of this to Judith and helped her understand her Baali abilities. Eventually, Judith discovered, to her horror, that she appeared to be pregnant. The coterie found this impossible but the entity Sacer confirmed it to be true. In time, it was understood that Judith’s vampiric nature was changed by Sacer to allow for the conception of a child so that Sacer herself could be reborn into a mortal shell. It was sometime after this that Judith and Clive also discovered that Alec had been a liaison and lover of Sacer’s who had helped to manipulate the situation and they developed an intense animosity towards him. Judith eventually gave birth to twin, and by all appearances, mortal children, a boy and a girl, whom she named Michael and Lenora. She then discovered that she was the descendant of a child between, Enyara and Clive (who was now revealed to be an Assamite) but utterly loyal and deeply in love with Clive despite the unusual connection, and she abandoned NYC with him and their two children. She appeared later, during the events of the Most Dangerous Game, and attempted to make peace with Alec, whom she had always regarded as a true friend and once shared a closeness with. He was unmoved and subsequently kidnapped the children from her custody because he believed her unworthy and unfit to care for the reincarnation of his creator. She is now considered the primary antagonist to the Order of the Venerable Dead.

Character: Judith is chaos personified. Her unlife was on the verge of destruction many times during her interactions with Kindred in NYC. She was often boldly critical of the Camarilla elite both to their faces and otherwise. The Camarilla Archon only tolerated Judith, whom she now knew to be Baali, because of her considerable value in the fight against Sacer and complete cooperation to the destruction of other Baali. Because of her youth and the generous aid she provided other Kindred through use of her unique Baali disciplines she was spared final death on numerous occasions. Judith herself is not inherently evil as some Kindred would assume. She is loyal to a fault and often very helpful to Kindred, high and low. Unfortunately, however, Judith’s very nature is defined by chaos and destruction. Like her sire, she is seemingly a conduit for discord, often without having to put forth any effort. Trouble finds Judith like moth to flame but because of her willingness to assist those in need without asking recompense she has cultivated many powerful Kindred allies. Despite her youth and relatively vampiric inexperience, Judith is often brash and defiant, refusing to back down when she feels her cause is right, even if it means her utter destruction. She also rarely has a clear plan in mind though this lack of forethought has ironically served to protect her by confounding other Kindred. Judith often can only explain her actions by answering that she thought it would be a good idea…at the time. She gives little thought to her Baali lineage and is a practicing Catholic, curiously never making comment on her diabolical heritage nor practicing upon it as typical Baali do. Ultimately, she is coquettish, intoxicating, enraging, and utterly undefinable.

A Family Affair: Judith was fiercely protective of her mother after her embrace and in keeping with her chaotic nature managed to pull her into the World of Darkness as well. Zora, was ghouled by the Tremere David Rhade and allowed to assist him in the Chantry only after incessant pleading from Judith. Her relationship with Enyara, assumed to be her several greats grandmother, is very close and the two are incredibly loyal to one another with Enyara having often covered for Judith’s indiscretions. She is unconcerned with her paternal relationship with her lover Clive Wells considering the removal of several generations sufficient to continue her affair with him. It was recently revealed that Alec is her half brother, and the true father of her strange children, but the nature of how this connection to him is possible is still being explored. Even Judith herself has often commented on how some instances of her mortal life give her a sense that pieces are missing. The bloody family of immortals into which she has been thrust is fraught with eons of manipulation by ancient forces and Judith is only its most recent inductee.

Appearance: Judith has long dark brown hair and fiery green eyes that often illuminate when calling upon her infernal Baali abilities. She is of average beauty but her attractiveness comes less from her appearance and more from her bon vivant and enticingly manipulative nature. She delights in titillating both Kindred and Kine with her scandalous attire and enjoys smoking cigarillos cured in vitae. Still bound by the call of mortal vices, she carries a flask of alcoholic vitae and is known to abuse cocaine upon occasion. She speaks with the slightest hint of a Croatian accent.

Disciplines: By virtue of her Elder sire, Judith has a powerful command of Daimonion, specifically Conflagration, able to summon infernal green flames to her fingertips. She often uses Sense the Sin to call out the past sins of other Kindred. However, these diabolical abilities often awaken something dark in Judith causing her personality to reflect delight in insidious knowledge. She is often careful to maintain situational awareness when calling on her insight into the monstrous nature of others so as not to allow it to use her but she is not always successful. Curiously, she also possesses some traits of Melpominee (with the Daughters of Cacophony rumored to have a connection to the Baali bloodline), able to throw her voice into the ears of others for discreet communication/manipulation.

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