Jason “JJ” Jindrax Giovanni

tEIndGPCharacter: Jason “JJ” Jindrax Giovanni
Clan: Giovanni
Family: Unknown
Path: Unknown
Year of Birth/Embrace: 1800s

Quote: “Try to run; I have seven little friends that can run a hell of a lot faster than you.”

A west coast tycoon, Jason Jindrax was a kindred who made his name on the grounds of hell itself, taking up residency in the fertile New Megalopolis; a west coast nightmare. It was there he built his business on its tainted soil, which he claims is the only reason for its success. Since its formation, “JJ Corp,” a leading vitae distribution company has gone from a local to an international name. He is known to travel often, though continues to reside and operate on the outskirts of the ruins where everything first started.

Jason is shrouded in many mysteries and stories. Rumors say he is “death-touched.” Stories of mass murders and demonic ritualistic practices, ancient companions and business partners, as well as corrupt black market operations. No one knows of his actual family origins; although rumored to possibly be Rosselini, Putanesca, or even König.

Aside from his questionable past and nature, Jason is a renowned business man who takes all deals into consideration for the right price. He is known for his irresistible, dangerous charm and carefree personality.