The Hunters Guild, named very creatively, “The Guild” is run by an Elite hunter called Amelia, she rebuilt the Guild after the last one kinda… exploded.

The Baali were irritated at the Guild’s interference and they were about to execute an experiment within the City and didn’t want the Hunters to be in the way; so they coerced and seduced a particular individual into blowing up the Guild.

The poor guy didn’t realise who he was working for, nor did he realise, until he was sired into the Baali clan. He realised with a cold wash of reality how much of a mistake he had made. Not wanting to become a monster, went to walk out to greet the sun… Only to meet… Robin – the elder Malkavian who, effectively, gave him another option: Redemption. She adopted him as her own and taught him the ways of her people which are, to say the least, different from any other Sect known.

Amelia and 3 survivors of the incident survived. One ended up in jail on false charges, eventually being killed in a prison riot, the others ended up rallying under Amelia. A good thing too, since what the Baali did was turn the town into a danger infect zone; released this drug into the population that killed people, turning them into zombies. It wasn’t a regular zombie virus though; as the souls of the people were still stuck in the bodies of the infected. They’d automatically go looking for their relatives, homes and help – only to further spread the virus. If they were just killed, the spirits remained with the bodies. If the bodies were burned it was a ‘cleansing’ and the souls would go, automatically, to Hell.

Yeah it was pretty harsh times for the poor hunters. They ended up building quarantine areas where they would keep rescued humans in these safe zones, taught them how to defend themselves, and eventually had control of the virus enough to run an almost normal existence within the City.
However, now with the understanding of what is really out there, a lot of the survivors joined the new Guild under Amelia’s leadership. Some civilians felt indebted to her for saving them, others felt as though now they knew what was really out there and they couldn’t ignore it. Others found they had a knack for Hunting, so stayed on board. Some are ex-cops, so stayed on to train the civilians, whilst remaining Hunters themselves, like Genovea.

The City is now supported by a thriving company of The Guild’s members, all under the watchful eye of Amelia – who oversees everything. She’s highly loyal to her people and has ended up a sort of matriarch. Even non-hunters look up to her. She’s gained the reputation across the entire of America, and some places overseas, as the most hard-core hunter they’re ever likely to not survive meeting.

Now, this is where it gets a bit complicated…

The Guild managed to quell the infection but not end it entirely, not knowing what the source of the infection was. It never broke the boundaries of the City because the Hunters never let it go beyond their borders, cleverly sectioning off the City until they had it all under control.

There were raids, often, on the underground to wipe out entire swarms of the zombies; the Guild discovered that there were ways to combat the virus if infected, but you had to be Very quick, so medics were included in every raiding party. Amelia is nothing, if not clever.

The guild were able to establish a base within the City once everything was running relatively smoothly, people going about their daily lives, but for the most part not spending time outdoors at night – for obvious reasons.

In comes Robin… officially, showing herself to be, well, Robin. She did the Guild members favours; the first being, when Amelia took a raiding party out, they were going to be ambushed and slaughtered by the Baali. Robin warned the other Hunters of this and helped them find the raiding party before it was too late…

Robin and her people had actually been helping the Hunters under the radar, indirectly, because, as Kindred of course, they too would be in line of fire before questions could be asked. The reason Robin showed herself to them now, and a very select few at that, was because one member of the Guild was not quite like the others. She’d been away, vacation, once the main infection had died down because she couldn’t take the stress anymore. She’d had some major spiritual and supernatural education whilst away and decided it was time to return to where she belonged… Samus was able to look past the fact Robin was Kindred and see she was genuinely helping. She didn’t know why, but then, why look a gift horse in the mouth?

Samus took the info given to her by Robin and used it to save her best friend and leader, Amelia; what was designed by the Red Thorns to be a complete wipe out of the hunting party was foiled by the back-up rescue lead by Samus and the others. Afterwards, she went to find Robin to ask her why she helped, Robin told her:

“I am tired of fighting to try make the world balanced. Those of us who are Kindred who are not of Sabbat or Baali would rather live in peace. We are not evil, we just are. Might that we can reach an agreement to change the world for the better, a coalition would be wise. We are the ones with the power to make change, should we not do so?”

They held a meeting with key members from both factions so Robin and her people could explain themselves to the Hunters, why they should team up. Robin explained that she was planning to get rid of this virus either way, but it would be ideal to do so with the Hunters help – not because they’d be fodder, but because friends are more valuable than strangers or enemies. They introduced themselves as The Fold; a group of individuals that included members of various clans, Garou, even a couple of Magi’s who all chose to work together for a common goal.

One of the things that helped convince the Hunters of the Fold’s words was the member of Robin’s number: Thoryn; a Garou – someone who Samus met whilst on a personal hiatus from the Guild in Italy. Thoryn vouched for Robin and the others, explaining the good they’ve already done, and how they managed to bridge the gap between the Garou and Kindred, now they even consider one another Family.

Over the last 6 months the two factions have gotten to know one another and fought together to make right of the world. Robin’s people have been working to better educate the Guild’s hunters in what differences there are in Kindred, training with them and generally building a foundation of absolute trust.

So much so, that when the Leopolds took Amelia away, mentally and physically torturing her. The two factions banded together to break in, slaughter the Leopolds, and rescue Amelia together.
So now a couple of the Players are Kindred who are under Robin’s sect, aiding the Hunters and generally getting on with “saving the world despite the world’s intent to be a fucking arsehole” Quote from Thoryn, leader of the Garou Tribe in New York area.

So now are Hunters are learning and generally understanding that nothing is ever as it seems, even now. Not all non-humans are monsters and not all humans are good.