Heinricus von Verden

darkest_hour-by_Eve_VentrueCharacter: Heinricus von Verden
Clan: Ventrue
Sire: Count Kras aka “The Black Knight”
Grand Sire: Antonius
Great Grand Sire: Ventru
Embrace: 1101
Generation: 4th (originally 6th) through diablerie


Personal Quotes: “In these nights, I am a king. You, sir, are a monster, and there is no helping it. I cannot relieve you of your burden any more than you can relieve me of mine, and do not condescend to believe that mine is any less than yours. While you must struggle to master yourself, I must struggle to master all those around me. I would say my burden is greater.”ventrue_pic

“Those who have once been intoxicated with power, and have derived any kind of emolument from it, even tough but for one year, never can willingly abandon it. They may be distressed in the midst of all their power, but they will never look for anything but power for their relief.”

Quotes about Heinricus: “He is like Camilla of Rome who led the salted siege on blighted Carthage but seemingly without the Baali Tanitbaal-Sahar’s poisonous venom dripping slowly in his ears. Behind his glacial eyes, he keeps himself, a medieval fortress, ever on alert for Saracen invaders. But this same fortress is a prison of his own making. Beyond battlements of reason, walls of logic, corridors of calculation, mazes of political intrigue, he chains his very soul, which he calls beast, in the dungeon. But should he wed mind and soul to purpose, it is within him to rekindle the lost dream of the Third City. – Delphine d’Orléans, Salubri.

“I do so love my cousin the Ventrue. Just when you have their pattern of predictable, bureaucratic behavior memorized they do something deliciously out of character. That cold, stoic restraint is absolutely intoxicating. Watching all that delirium churn behind those steely eyes and seeing him wrestle his very soul into submission, its what the Toreador would call…inspiring. I am still considering the effect of the Seers blood on such a man but I must say, I haven’t been this titillated in centuries. He carries himself like a King but consorts with the basest of Kindred.” – Katerina De’Lavez, Lasombra.

“So much suffering. So much blood on his hands. So many plans built from generations of corpses and the dead who do not yet know their lot. And yet, so little joy in it.” Victor, Nosferatu and Bonafide Heathen.

Bio: A Veteran Crusader who found when he returned back home to Krasburg after a lengthy war it was not the end of his challenges, but simply the beginning. A series of personal misfortunes, including the death of his adopted sister, Leonor, by his over-eager neonate fangs, and the demise of his sire at the hands of infernal treachery found Heinricus positioned as the Count of the region as a mere fledgling with questionable allies. With his advisor Lenora Minogue by his side, and the strength of his own capabilities, he managed to survive and hold his home for near a millennia. The modern nights, however, have been filled with ever daunting challenges that he ever strives to meet. And recently, he has broken from the Camarilla and taken a Lasombra Queen, Katerina De’Lavez, the pair starting a sect, the Ancien Regime.

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