Fiona Loudain

Character: Fiona Weir Loudain

Appearance/Personality: A real head-turning beauty but ill at ease with some of the negative attention it brings, thinking it undermines her accomplishments and who she really is. She is a sweet Southern girl, down-to-earth, athletic, assertive, and scrappier than her appearance lets on. Her style is generally understated but put together. She has a delicate neck that looks like it was made to be draped in diamonds. She has a lean, tone build, which she worked diligently to maintain, as a mortal. As a vampire, she has pale blond, wavy hair, gem-cut blue eyes, and smooth, ivory skin like river stone. As a mortal, she had an unmuted warmth in her appearance, gently sun-kissed skin from her regular hikes and flowing honey-blond curls.

Fear: Blood – When she was young, she sometimes slept walk and would experience sleep paralysis. Though, the sleepwalking seemed harmless, if a little disturbing. Later, though, she would discover that when she was 14, she repeatedly tried to have sex with Solomon Black, her friend Albertine’s Black’s significantly older brother, while in this state, drawn in by her own desire and some indefinable magnetism about him.

During a vivid episode of sleep paralysis, she found herself unable to move on the bed, felt the weight of something, or someone, in the darkness press on her, saw razor sharp teeth, and then the feeling of blood softly plinking against her cheek, running down her face in a painfully slow line of red down to the point of her chin as she could not do so much as even scream. She eventually grew out of the sleepwalking and sleep paralysis episodes, but the sight of blood still makes her anxious, nauseous, and afraid even now as a vampire. Her life is now colored in shades of red that she disgust and attract her. It also makes her more dangerous when she feeds from the living, because she struggles even more so than other vampires with control. Even before as a mortal though, it was still complicated, as woman who bled monthly and a police officer where the threat of blood made doing her job more difficult, her phobia was a constant hurdle. She was in therapy for some time where she learned some tips to manage her phobia, which, among other things, involved flexing her left palm when confronted with anxiety about blood and to visualize pleasant things to re-train her brain.

Anxiety: Driving cars – Fiona had barely gotten her license when she suddenly became the only sober teen driver capable of driving her friends away from a raging fire down the mountain so they didn’t die. For a good while, she had trouble driving after the incident and a strong aversion to it, preferring to walk or bike her way around. While she eventually started driving again, she didn’t do it more than necessary, and she is not the best driver and still has occasional moments of anxiety.

The Weir Family: Growing up, Fiona’s family rarely had much money. Though the Weir family was middle class, they struggled to make ends meet after taking on the burden of raising several other children when Fiona’s aunt and uncle were killed in a car crash. The children had no other family to turn to and rather than let them enter into the system, Fiona’s parents took them in, but this put a strain on their finances and relationship. However, the Weirs managed to scrape by with the help of their neighbors, church, and community. This instilled a strong sense of community in Fiona early on and a desire to protect the town and to give back to the other families. Her father, Paul Weir, works as one of the groundskeepers for the Biltmore Estate. He’s hardworking, and has given everything to support his family. His wife, and Fiona’s mother, Jennyfer Weir, believes he’s cheated on her, but there’s no evidence to suggest that’s true. He suffers from a bad back cause of years of toil at the estate working overtime, and Michael Loudain, Fiona’s husband, occasionally helps Paul with some of the heavier lifting of his job.

Fiona’s Mother, Jennyfer White Weir: Jennyfer Weir, was a high school English teacher, who became embroiled in a scandal after having sex with Brian Redman, who was one of her students and one of Fiona’s friends. It came to light that Jennyfer is bi-polar and has episodes when she stops taking her medicine in particular, which she succumbs to now and then as it kills her sex drive. It’s suggested that her father, Fiona’s grandfather, Aeden White, may have molested Jennyfer exacerbating her condition. Brian and Jennyfer had planned to run off together, get married, and start a fresh life in New York with their baby. But after an episode where Jennyfer cut up all the family pictures she had to form the image of their baby out of a collage of them combined with a conversation with Paul Weir, Brian understood what he ultimately had to do, commit her. Jennyfer Weir had their baby girl (who has Brian’s red hair) while institutionalized, though Brian himself believes the baby died in childbirth. In reality, Vergil Weir (Fiona’s brother), who work’s at the County Clerk’s office, secretly pulled some strings, moved some paperwork, and secretly put the child up for adoption instead to deny Brian his child, to rid the Weir family of yet another burden, and also, to give the little girl a life free from the shadow of scandal. Fiona still harbors a lot of anger toward her mother over this vile affair and some residual hostility toward Brian too, feeling a sense of shame and betrayal over the whole ordeal though he has tried to make amends.

image by Razaras @DeviantArt

Teenage Years – An All-Around American Girl: Fiona was popular, approachable, outgoing, and clique-defying, and so friendly it was like she never met a stranger. Her popularity, however, took a huge dive following an investigation about the involvement or her and her friends in a tragic fire that rocked the town. Her closest confidant became Paz McNamara, who was surprisingly Fiona’s opposite in many ways. Fiona was particularly drawn to sports, martial arts, and debate. She was also involved with several after school clubs, one focusing on hiking, rock climbing, another in ballroom dancing. She met the mentor who would change her life and inspire her to become a police officer while pursuing these activities. Detective Liam Talbot arranged for an internship for Fiona with the Sheriff’s office when she was in college. Sadly, Liam was later killed in the line of duty during a heist gone wrong. The case was closed, but the circumstances of his death have always seemed a little fishy to her. And she means to dig a little deeper. Fiona made note that one of the local burnouts she went to high school with was there during the crime, a victim on the scene, who had gotten half of his hand blown off. She’s not entirely convinced Jimbo Welch’s story adds up.

Albertine “Teeny” Black: Fiona can’t even quite remember how she met her since they were both so young when they met. She felt very comfortable around Teeny and was often a lot more open around her, especially when it’s just the two of them. Fiona was also usually very disciplined about smoking or drinking worrying about the chances of ruining potential athletic scholarships by getting kicked off the team if discovered, but sometimes she loosened up about that when it was just Teeny around. Not long before the fire where Teeny died, Fiona and Teeny go to bury a box by the Burning Bridge filled with love wishes for their friends with the intention of opening it again later at their high school reunion. The car gets stuck as they leave, and Brian’s brother, Jay, helps them get unstuck, but he is unstable, has a gun, grieving his mother’s death, and kidnaps them. They escape, but keep what happened to themselves, along with Teeny’s confessions about sex with an older woman.

Miss Blue Ridge, a Contested Crown Kept: Fiona’s family didn’t have much to spare for college, but Fiona was determined to finance her own way into criminal justice. She was awarded an athletic scholarship and won the crown as Miss Blue Ridge. However, this became complicated when she got pregnant as a teenager with her son Aeden. It’s believed Fiona became pregnant with Aeden not too long after the fire. Since she was religious about taking her birth control, it was hypothesized the pills lost their effectiveness after being exposed to just enough residual heat from the fire. She was not able to start college when she anticipated and lost her athletic scholarship. And the Miss Blue Ridge pageant tried vehemently to take away her crown with the scandal of a teen mom besmirching their pageant. She used her debate skills and pressed them on this matter, and took them to court, and they eventually recanted, allowing her to keep the crown and the scholarship rather than promote the image that teen mothers were ultimately not beautiful. Some looked to Fiona as an inspiration. However, some felt her actions were self-aggrandizing and that she was glamorizing teen pregnancy. Her time crowned as Miss Blue Ridge is over, and it is now more of an interesting anecdote, if slightly controversial.

A Troubled Marriage, Michael Loudain: Fiona quickly ended up marrying her high school sweetheart and the father of child, Michael Loudain. In high school he was handsome, popular, confident, and driven, but later Michael joined the military and was never the same after an incident that occurred during his time of service. Though he remained very driven and established a career that provided well for his family, there was a darkness in him. And Fiona will never forget that night when things really started to go wrong, when she came home and found that trail of roses leading up to their bedroom, only to find Michael in there with another woman. As fate would have it, she met the husband, of the woman Michael slept with, and though tempted to engage in a little tit for tat with him, she grew violently ill instead, vomiting, because she had been drinking and was unused to it.

Michael wouldn’t discuss what happened while in the military with anyone else but Fiona, but became prone to violent and suicidal moods, and was diagnosed with PTSD. He was given a prescription to help ease his condition. However, he became addicted to the pills and seemed to rely on them more and more. During his violent outbreaks, he would sometimes abuse Fiona, but then feel remorse about it later. Fiona was skilled in defense and able to defend herself to a degree, but this often simply masked the secret problem. And there is no true defense from seeing someone you love turn on you, never knowing if you’ll get Dr. Jeckyl or Mr. Hyde. She told herself it was just the PTSD, the pills, because he never once laid a hand on her outside of an episode. And he never touched their son, Aeden. Michael was also filled with self-loathing during his lucid moments about what he had done, apologetic, attentive, and about big gestures of love. And while others knew her marriage was troubled, she didn’t talk to anyone about how violent he became. It all confused Fiona and made her feel isolated.

It was a huge irony, that Fiona who had joined the police academy to protect and serve the community, was unable to fully protect herself and felt increasingly helpless to save her spiraling marriage. But she wasn’t about to give up, and Fiona was finally able to talk Michael into joining a rehab program. Michael was significantly better when he returned home, and things were looking up for them.

Death of a Child: One afternoon while Aeden was climbing an ancient oak tree, he fell from it. He seemed a little bruised and shaken, but after awhile seemed fine. Fiona didn’t think anything about it when Aeden settled in for a nap later. This mistake would prove deadly. Aeden never woke up, likely from suffering a concussion after hitting the ground. Some of the more fanciful folk around town whispered instead that it was the work of the spirits who watched by the old oaks. Just the superstition of a small town, of course. It was certainly an accident, but Fiona blamed herself for Aeden’s death. Her husband Michael surprisingly didn’t blame her though. But the pain was too much, and he eventually succumbed to his addiction again.

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10 Years After the Fire: It’s been less than a year since Liam and Aeden’s deaths and the grief remains as does the pain. Fiona and Michael’s relationship is deeply strained. It would come to a head the night Michael misinterpreted the comfort Fiona gave her old childhood friend, Asher Collins, when he caught them together, thinking it was a fling instead. He beats both of them badly, nearly choking Fiona to death before Asher manages to stop him by crashing a lamp over his head.  While Asher leaves stunned, horrifically, though, Fiona cannot bring herself to leave Michael until the next morning, knowing their son died of a concussion, she stays by his side, until she’s sure he’ll be alright.

Solomon Black: The next day though, she secretly pays Solomon a visit, and returns his family’s Ouija board to him along with a casserole and warns him she believes he’s in danger, only to stay the night with him and wake up naked in bed with him, uncertain of what happened, she understands it didn’t involve full-fledged sex. She hides what happens, but later, after becoming a vampire, she panics thinking Scarlet means to kill him. Her friends have to restrain her in another room, and seem surprised by her reaction.

Before Fiona was suspended from the police force because she was framed for taking drugs from the evidence room, she often used her work to try to limit her interaction with Michael, sometimes lingering at the Esse Eck’s Club, often with her best friend, Paz. Now and then, in the crowd, at Esse Eck’s, Fiona heard the voices about the scandalous teen mother who murdered her child later mixed with the lustful musings of creeps comparing her to her whore mother, and softer words from those who pity her, and strained words or no words at all, just a look, from those who need help, who feel as isolated as some part of her does in their troubles.

Paz and Michael’s Affair: Little did Fiona know, Paz who had remained a virgin well into her 20s, would soon be seduced by Michael, and become pregnant with his child briefly before receiving a harrowing abortion. Paz later confessed to sleeping with Michael, and Fiona went off to confront him. They fought, and she nearly killed him, but restrained herself only to discover that he had taken an overdose of pills right before she stormed inside. She tries to save him, and forgives him, but he dies in her arms. She leaves her wedding ring over his heart, engraved with: Song of Solomon 2:16: “My beloved is mine, and I am his: he feedeth among the lilies.”

Present Day: When she was young, she and Paz, and a hodge podge of other kids used to hang out with a friend of theirs, Albertine Black, and tell their secrets to a Ouija Board calling themselves the Dead of Dixie Society. In an unfortunate series of events, Albertine died on Halloween ten years ago in a fire much of the town blames them for, though they were not prosecuted. Fiona meets up with the old gang again and after accepting a barbecue invitation from a new couple in town, the Straids, it leads her and her old friends deeply into a world of supernatural hunters, werewolves, spirits, and vampires. Caught in the thick of otherworldly intrigue, she and the others are gruesomely tortured and embraced as vampires in the basement of Tea House, Albertine Black’s old home, and where the Dead of Dixie Society used to meet. Now as a new vampire with all the darkness that goes along with their hunger, she struggles to protect the town from the greater monsters that threaten Asheville, as she tries her best not to become one herself.



Aeden Loudain (9-ish) [DECEASED]- Fiona’s son, died after falling out of an oak tree and going into a coma after taking a nap.

Michael Loudain (26-ish) [DECEASED]- Fiona’s troubled, PTSD-stricken, legal-pill popping addicted, philandering husband who can’t seem to get out of the pit he’s made of his life.

Brody Weir [stage name Butterballz] (17-ish) – Fiona’s cousin, grew up with her family after his parents died in a wreck. He hardly remembered his real mother and thought of Fiona’s mother as his own. Lead guitarist for the local band Red Rockitus. His brother Issac is the singer for the same band. By day he works in the grocery store next to the hardware store where Paz works.

Charlotte Weir [nicknames Charlie, Cricket] (23-ish) – Fiona’s cousin, grew up with her family after her parents died in a wreck. She was a little older than her brothers Issac and Brody when the accident happened. And she recalled her real mother and father better than they did. She was very shy and quiet consequently and nicknamed “Cricket.” However now she is very outspoken, loudmouth and a bit of a handful. She used to work at Bigg’s hardware store with Paz, but was fired because her fat mouth didn’t exactly render her excellent in customer service. Now the local crystal and new age magic shop, the Raven & Crone, has hired Charlotte as a clerk.

Issac Weir [stage name PB Supriz] (18-ish) – Fiona’s cousin, grew up with her family after his parents died in a wreck. He hardly remembered his real mother and thought of Fiona’s mother as his own. Lead singer for the local band Red Rockitus who is best known for two songs, “Respect Dis Dick,” and “I Want to Fuck” off of their demo Boner Banquet. By day he works in the grocery store with his brother Brody, which happens to be next to the hardware store where Paz works. One night when the power went out, they made the aisles into bowling lanes and started using the frozen turkeys as bowling balls.

Jennyfer White Weir (45-ish) – Fiona’s mother, beautiful, bipolar slut. She had a child with Brian Redman, a redheaded daughter named Alice.

Paul Weir (47-ish) – Fiona’s father, a good man, dutiful to his family and work, a groundskeeper for the Biltmore Estate. His boss, Harold McNamara, is Paz’s father. He is Ash’s real father.

Vergil Weir (28-ish) – Fiona’s brother, handsome, bright, friendly, he stepped when the family was in an economic crisis by landing a good job and helping keep food on the table and lights on. The catch is he got this job because some criminals made some calls. And now if they call, he is obligated to do what the want.

Liam Talbot (48-ish) [DECEASED] – Fiona’s mentor on the police force, died in a hostage situation gone wrong where Jimbo was believed to be held hostage too, a shotgun blast permanently maiming his hand at the time.

Patsy Talbot (28-ish) – Liam Talbot’s daughter, has a gap-toothed smile.

Minerva Peterson – (Old as Methuselah) super mean health teacher/school nurse, old as the hills, can wretch like a damn lady.

Aeden White [DECEASED – died roughly a year before the fire/natural causes] – Park ranger, Fiona’s maternal grandfather. There have been hints he abused Jennyfer when she was younger.

The Bitch Brigade from High School:

Carol Peterson (27-ish) – Minerva’s granddaughter. A self-entitled bitch!

Belinda (27-ish) – Robotic plastic, bitch from high school. Says “K” in monotone voice a lot.

Missy Jenkins (27-ish) – Dumber than a rock. Michael gave her the runs after Missy was meaaaan to Paz.


Red Rockitus – Boner Banquet Track List

1) Butt Her Balls – Dedicated to the Champion Turkey Bowler Boss Bitch Paz
2) Her Beautiful Brown Eye – “Not the one that winks, but the one that stinks!”
3) Respect Dis Dick
4) I Want to Fuck
5) Kitty Breath Pussy Throat – a touching ballad with a sweet keyboard melody