Enyara Blake

enyarapic5finCharacter: Enyara Blake
Clan: Giovanni Pretender/Nagaraja
Disciplines: Auspex, Dominate, Nihilistics
Position: Current Seneschal of New York City to Prince Quinn Bailey
Quote: “La morte è una porta.”
Song: “Ghost Beside My Bed” – Altered State

Bio: Enyara Blake is considered a long-standing member of the Giovanni family, but unknown to most outsiders, she’s not a part of the family’s bloodline but a Nagaraja, taken under the wing of the family in exchange for her loyalty. Blake or “Boccaccio” (as is whispered to be her true last name, though uncertain) has called New York City her home off and on during the last century. Further back, she was affiliated with Venice, Florence, and various parts of Italy. Very little is known of her origin, save that she is likely at least 400-years-old. Some suggest she may have also spent some time in Spain and Morocco, but these rumors have been unsubstantiated. Her reputation is one of easy promiscuity mingled with considerable necromantic knowledge. Blake has notably worked with two archons in ongoing investigations at the begrudging behest of the Giovanni who asked her to cooperate with the Camarilla on matters affecting business in the city as a whole. During Blake’s time assisting Archon Miranda Ramsey, tensions between the Giovanni and the Camarilla increased over questions of domain and authority. Blake was publicly scolded during this time, her hands removed as a warning to her and the Giovanni to curb their meddling in Camarilla affairs. When Miranda Ramsey died though, Blake’s knowledge was  indispensably valuable in helping Archon Mona Levana address a crisis in the city before she was killed in action.

enyaraportraitfinall2Having been instrumental in pulling back New York from the brink of destruction, Blake and her lover and associate Quinn Bailey became Seneschal and Prince, respectively, in an unprecedented deal within the city to strengthen an alliance between the Camarilla through Blake and between the anarch community through Bailey. At this time, Blake also named one of her old friends, the imposing Santo Carnera, as Sheriff of New York to help maintain order. While a time of relative peace and prosperity fell over New York, many in the kindred community quietly scoff at the long-term feasibility of Gangrel Prince Bailey running the town along with a potentially loyalty compromised Seneschal beholden to the Giovanni. Since becoming Seneschal, Blake has named Balthazar Pearce, another Giovanni loyalist who is not part of La Familigia in proper as ambassador to them to maintain relations and coordinate business.