Elric De’Lorme

Elric De'LormeCharacter: Elric De’Lorme
Clan: Lasombra
Path of Enlightenment: Path of Ecstasy
Year of Birth: 1504
Year of Embrace: 1530
Sire: Currently Unknown
Childe: Katerina De’Lavez
Grandchilde: E “Eustacia Vye”
Quote: “What’s unlife without a game to play, mon ami? We have eternity. I intend to spend it well amused.”

Bio: Even in his mortal life, Elric De’Lorme was known for his bon vivant and debauched lifestyle. He was born in 1504 as the bastard brother to the Count of Laval in France. Despite his illegitimate status, Elric was the pride and joy of his father and favorite of his older brother. He was instructed in the art of war and given an extensive education. When Elric was 12, his brother the Count was expecting the birth of his first son but was disappointed with the birth of a daughter, Katerina. Elric, however, was delighted and became enamored with his niece. As he grew older and his brother began to age, Elric oversaw his niece’s upbringing and became increasingly possessive of her. The servants had whispered of their young master’s growing lust for scullery maids and wine, and Elric became irreverent as he grew into a young man and feared no one but the Count. He took the serving women of the castle as he wished. Though many of them submitted more than happily, it was no uncommon thing to see a maid dismissed in tears later, seen with her belly swollen, or seeking silphium from the old cunning folk in Laval. Katerina’s governess took great pains to keep her separated from her Uncle’s attentions finding him a corrosive influence on the girl. When the Count succumbed to illness and passed away, Elric dismissed the governess and his niece was left entirely in his care. As he watched her grow into a young woman, Elric’s fondness for her became perverted into an unnatural lust for his niece. Katerina regarded her Uncle as the ultimate authority in her world, and when he began to sexually groom her, she reluctantly submitted to his tutelage. Elric was both infatuated and repulsed by his niece’s virginity, and when she was 14, he began forcing her to undress in front of him while he pawed at her body and pleasured himself – finishing on a different space of her flesh each time in a sadistic consecration of his perceived ownership of her. He restrained himself from penetrating her in any way and encouraged her to refuse his advances to fuel his obsessive and futile pursuit of her virginity, keeping him constantly on edge.

After the death of his brother, Elric was named the defacto Count of Laval and bestowed the title of Countess on Katerina though he had no legal right to do this. He inherited a small fortune from his father and succumbed to the trappings of his lavish lifestyle. Minor nobles, gentry, and peasants alike were always welcome to his depraved parties and his generosity with them was boundless. Within a short time, however, Elric had squandered his inheritance and was close to ruin. Katerina realized she had to make a good marriage to escape poverty and her Uncle’s relentless sexual manipulation. When she pleaded with Elric to write to their relatives at Court to try and find a suitable husband for her, he became enraged, emphatically refused, and left their castle to seek money. His travails took him to Rome where his title afforded him the friendship of an Italian nobleman, a Lasombra, who was impressed with Elric’s tenacity and embraced him. Elric’s love affair with sin was infectious and he confided in his Sire about his restrained sexual obsession with his niece, regaling him with tales of bringing his passion to the edge of fulfillment only to allow it to escape leaving him perpetually aroused. His Sire was fascinated with this perspective and returned home with Elric to understand this concept for himself.

When Elric returned with his Sire, Katerina became increasingly frightened of her Uncle and his Sire, having no understanding of what he had become. Elric manipulated her into allowing his Sire to watch his abuse of her further straining their relationship. His Sire was inspired by his Childe’s ability to influence others, even of high willpower to do his bidding, and began to plan with Elric to Embrace more childer that could be used to subvert the power structure in the growing Anarch movement. Elric soon discovered his Sire was a disciplined Abysmal mystic and the further the pair delved into the darkness the more it whispered to Elric and validated his dark desires. In time, he gave the Embrace to Katerina, but the cycle of death and reawakening had damaged her mind, and she slowly spiraled into bouts of violent insanity that could last for weeks. Elric grieved for this loss of her meekness and conspired with his Sire to restore her mind by using Dominate and Obtenebration to transfer her soul into a new body. Elric would accept nothing than the utter likeness of his niece and several women were chosen only to be destroyed after the Embrace. Elric and his Sire’s experiments and sadistic depravities only drove Katerina further from him as her Embrace had made her utterly resistant to his sexual manipulations. This only served to further Elric’s obsession with conquering her now that there was no guarantee of his success. This tension devolved into chaos in the winter of 1547 when Katerina diablerized her Grandsire and set fire to their castle. For the first time in his existence, Elric began to fear his childe. Her impulsive nature made her dangerous. They parted ways after the castle was destroyed, and Elric immersed himself in Kindred society, finding Toreador circles the most delectable. Elric took care to keep away from other Lasombra as they were critical of his distasteful nature, and he found their serious approach to unlife dull. Despite his clan’s untrusted reputation, Elric found a place within the newly formed Camarilla, eventually emerging in NYC in pursuit of his niece.

Modern Day: Perhaps no Kindred is more infamous in NYC society than Elric. He is still known for his debauched parties and flagrant disregard for authority. The Camarilla have tolerated him if no other reason than the Harpies are delighted with him, and his estrangement from his Clan makes him a valuable boasting tool. Discreetly, he is often about his own game, pursuing his niece to the point of her destruction and, in retribution, he tormented any Kindred associated with her demise. With the help of his Grandchilde, E, Elric was able to wreak havoc in NYC until a group of Kindred manage to subdue him in an obsidian prison of shadow. He is considered dead, but some dispute this claim.

Character: Elric is the definition of the bon vivant. A flamboyant Frenchman, Elric loves nothing more than blood and women. He is rarely seen without a willing (or unwilling) woman in his haven and enjoys a variety of sexual perversions. Known to a guarded few, Elric is unable to reach satisfaction during sex, having to rely on the building climax of pleasure only to find that it never comes. This makes him a violent lover, and his endless pursuit of relief drives him to over indulge in feeding on mortal women and pushing the boundaries of blood sharing with Kindred women. He also deeply enjoys shocking more reserved Kindred, often appearing with his erect penis exposed and behaving as if nothing is amiss. While, it is easy to smile at all of this, there is a much darker side to the old lecherous Lasombra. Like his childe, Elric has a propensity for madness though in much more controlled outlets unlike Katerina. He is known to obsessively stalk Kindred to the point of insanity while never actually committing any crimes against them, and his superb ability to manipulate others means that his Camarilla contacts rarely believe anyone who speaks against him, though they remain vigilant.

A Family Affair: Elric is often defined by his dysfunctional relationship with his childe and grandchilde. He has reconciled with Katerina many times in half a millennia, even assisting her with E’s embrace. After Katerina abandoned E to Elric, he was left with the perfect solution to his unending lust for his niece. He systematically raped E (who is almost the mirror image of Katerina) for decades getting a taste of what it would be like to consummate his abominable relationship with his childe. While he has always been aware of E’s subversive hatred for him, he has never cared, and ironically, he is only truly loyal to E and Katerina. He lives for the game of revenge and reconciliation between the three of them, everything else is just entertaining filler.

Appearance: Elric is devilishly handsome, keeping a shortly cropped beard. His black hair is kept shoulder length and is often pulled back into a tasteful ponytail or masculine bun. His eyes are a deep amber making him appear feral in the darkness (much like his childe). He is often dressed to suit the times and latest fashion but takes care to wear clothing that can be removed in a pinch when called for. He wears his shirts open frequently exposing his chest and adorns himself with fine chains and subtle piercings.

Weapons: Like many Lasombra of his age, Elric has an impressive command of Obtenebration and Dominate but relies on his natural ability to manipulate others to meet his goals. Unknown to most Kindred he is an expert swordsman, though the modern nights rarely call for such skills. His command of the shadows, however, pales in comparison to his Childe or Grandchilde who are well practiced in the dark arts as a means to defeat their progenitor if necessary.

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