Character: E “Eustacia Vye”
Clan: Lasombra
Path of Enlightenment: Path of Night
Year of Birth: 1799
Year of Embrace: 1824
Sire: Katerina De’Lavez

Bio: Known to most Kindred as simply E, some have the pleasure (or misfortune) to know her true name, Eustacia Vye. She was born to a landed Squire, Thomas Vye and his wife Eleanor Vye, a family of farmers of no remarkable lineage in a superstitious heath located in Wessex, England. Her young life was idyllic and E enjoyed nothing more than a good book and tending the earth beneath her feet. E was the 4th of 6 children, all brothers, and so learned early on the art of scrapping and swearing much to the displeasure of her mother. The population of the heath where E was raised was notoriously superstitious and well known to harbor any variety of witches and other unnatural creatures. It was because of this that E found the supernatural fascinating and sought out occult or otherwise dangerous tomes that were curiously readily available among the townspeople.

When E was 19 she was engaged to the new physician, Thomas Deschamps, who brought with him his benefactor, Katherine Dee, whom E immediately became fascinated with. E spent many hours with the mysterious Ms. Dee and poured over her vast library of books. Her fiance, initially pleased with this friendship, soon became concerned at E’s obsessive reliance on this woman who was never seen before sundown. A week before their marriage, Ms. Dee delivered the sad news to E that her fiance had been set upon by thieves and murdered on the heath, though his body was never wholly recovered. The townspeople began to suspect that some evil had befallen him at Dee’s estate but this was never confirmed. Shortly after this occurrence, E herself disappeared along with Ms. Dee and her mysterious household.

The nature of E’s disappearance is far darker than the gothic nature of it’s telling among Kine. Ms. Dee was in actuality the Comtesse Katerina De’Lavez who had sought E out for her uncanny resemblance to the Comtesse herself. E, with the assistance of Elric De’Lorme and a small cabal of other vampires of varying clans, was Embraced in a sadistic ritual that involved the draining of her blood by each vampire present and a portion of their vitae given to her. Katerina De’Lavez was the last to provide her vitae moments before her death. Because this Embrace was unnatural, E did not revive as a vampire for several hours, during which time her body was left alone with Elric. When she awoke as Kindred, E found that her throat had been cut from ear to ear and had healed in a hideous scar. Her voice was also permanently damaged by the act, leaving her to speak with a rasp. It was later revealed that Elric had done this out of jealously for Katerina’s matronly fondness for the girl. After E’s Embrace, she spent many years being pulled between Katerina and Elric and was often used as a pawn in their endless games of vengeance on one another. This drove E further and further away from her Sire as she began to understand the arbitrary nature of the perpetual cycle of love and hate between her Sire and Grandsire. E was eventually disillusioned by her progenitors after seeing the thoughtless havoc they wreaked for the sake of their petty vengeance. E betrayed many of their plots to Sabbat Bishops, in exchange for protection and escape from their machinations. Because of this betrayal, that endangered specifically Elric Katerina sought out her childe and though she had protected E from Elric’s lecherous designs on her in the past, she willingly gave E to Elric who raped and defiled her with Obtenebration as her punishment. Katerina then disappeared, abandoning her childe to this fate. E was kept a virtual prisoner of Elric’s for decades and was subjected to his sexually torturous tastes until she managed to subtly used her skill with Dominance to forge an alliance with him against her Sire and earn a tenuous degree of freedom.

Modern Day: After E discovered that her Sire had reemerged in NYC and had possibly been involved in the creation of other Chimera-like vampires, E persuaded Elric to help her exact revenge on Katerina and stop her machinations once and for all. However, due to the years of sadistic abuse by her Grandsire, E had become cruel and lusted for power of her own. Ultimately, she saw a greater evil in the Camarilla than in her progenitors and voluntarily gave herself up to Camarilla authorities to hedge further violence. She is currently imprisoned somewhere within the Camarilla stronghold of NYC.

Character: Because her vampiric lineage seems to be cursed with insanity, E also succumbs to explosive bouts of vulgar rage. She is far more the pragmatist and strategist than her Sire and retains some curiously human sentiments. Unlike Katerina, E dislikes chaos and if she makes a bargain there is most likely a means to an end. E is often frustratingly silent, even in confrontation, using this as a tactic for surreptitious intimidation and to let other Kindred do the talking for her. She has used this strategy with Elric on many occasions and is known to posses many secrets because it. It is because of her ability to coax the unspeakable out of others that she is kept alive by the Camarilla who ceaselessly seek to bargain with her for information. E is also sympathetic to the other Chimera-Kindred because of their untrusted nature she understands their lonely existence. Unlike her Grandsire and very much like her Sire, E prescribes to the nonsexual attitude of vampirism. She finds sexual behavior in vampire society distasteful and will never resort to it as a bargaining measure. She fully embraces the undead thing that she is.

Appearance: E is almost an exact copy of Katerina De’Lavez in appearance. She has hinted that Katerina and Elric had bred her for the resemblance but this is little more than speculation. She has the same corpse-like hue to her skin and black veins. Her eyes are also a sickly yellow like her Sire’s. Because she can not easily blend in with the living as other vampires can do, she is often cloaked and wears a mask to conceal her face so as not to cause confusion with Katerina.

Disciplines: Obtenebration, Protean, Dominate
Because of her unusual Embrace , E found herself both blessed and cursed by an impressive command of Obtenebration (that rivals that of even older Lasombra) which weakens her significantly after it has been used to it’s fullest potential. E goes to great pains to conceal this flaw, relying on her use of Dominance to control other Kindred. Like her Sire, she has a dangerous knowledge of Protean and uses her feral claws to rip foes to pieces.

E’s Theme Music:

Nights With E

The Shadow Of Me
The Long Con