dominoCharacter: Domino (Andrea Sorrentino)
Clan: Toreador, Baali Apsotate
Sire: Marcel Durand
Year of Birth: 1889
Year of Embrace: 2016

Beautiful Domino, a true predator among the kine. Ever the hunter, she has leashed her domitor thoroughly. At least she’s a good influence on Marcel.” Victor, Nosferatu and Bonafide Heathen.

Originally from Chicago, her parents were Italian immigrants, Andrea “Domino” Sorrentino was first ghouled around 1913. Her parents didn’t play much of a role in her life, and tragically, her mother committed suicide right before Andrea’s eyes as a child. Her older brother mostly raised her. Later, when she and her brother ended up ghouls for rival kindred, Andrea was forced to kill her brother. Over the years, she changed hands from one domitor to another, and she’s had to deal with the scars from it. Her last domitor, Marcel Durand, embraced her. And sometime after that, she became a Baali apostate with the help of Lenora Minogue.