Dilawar Aaryan Salar Ayyub

Character: Dilawar Aaryan Salar Ayyub
Clan: Assamite

“Do you know how many of your brethren I have destroyed and devoured? No? Then shut the fuck up.”

To behold the Saracen Aaryan is to perhaps come face to face with the very inspiration that culminated in the existence and passing of the word demi-God amongst the lips of ancient men. The hue of his skin is of the darkest taupe, his eyes a dusty dune brown, and his aquiline nose guides your gaze to a firm, bearded chin. When under his gaze you are not so much an individual but an object. When you hear his voice you are not so much so enraptured that it must be heard, but rather afraid of what may happen should you miss a single syllable. The thing you behold moves lightly and lithely, despite its size, and confidently as any lion as it strides past the watchful gazelle on the savannahs of Africa. This is what he allows you to see. Unfortunately, most of the time you never him coming.


Date: Sun, 29 Dec 2015 01:11:34 +6GMT
From: ‘Punk Lord’ [punklord@d549-bb8.black-veil.de]
Subject: “Obsidian Lion”

This is going out to all cells, once again, as a gentle reminder of our efforts to stay vigilant as the final nights approach. There are those in the sisila who would decry my motivations and claim that I am being premature in my deductions, however, know that certain members of the Council of Scrolls have decided that, given recent evidence brought to light, we must assume that rafiq Dilawar Aaryan Salar Ayyub has fallen sway to the influence of Khayyin’s ilk and stands Dispossessed. This judgment was not brought lightly, and only through Haqim’s guidance have we arrived at so terrible a conclusion. Therefore, I now take a most unusual step in releasing all information pertaining to the Obsidian Lion. The Caliph Himself would be most displeased with my actions; needless to say the information I send to you all must be handled with the utmost care. It is absolutely confidential; do not share with any of your rafiq outside those that have been identified to you as worthy of the cause. Guidance will be given, falaqi covertly organized, but until this time I urge you all; do not under any circumstance attempt to apprehend or hunt Dilawar Aaryan Salar Ayyub alone.

What information we do have on his embrace is scarce. We know that Thetmes embraced the renegade Fatima al-Faqadi and then soon after supposedly took Aaryan. al-Faqadi would betray us for the Schismatics first; this is seen as only further evidence that perhaps she influenced Aaryan to do the same. There is speculation as to whether al-Faqadi was instructed by The Caliph Himself to embrace Aaryan, or whether the Caliph brought him into the fold; this in itself is odd and suspicious as the lack of transparency on the part of Aaryan validates my own perception of him as being untrustworthy. For some reason this was never questioned.

Transcripts indicate Aaryan piqued Thetmes’ interest when he witnessed the Saracen during a duel of wits with an unknown Lebanese noble (his name is lost to time). The son of a noble himself, Aaryan may have entered The Calpih’s social circles through his apparent adherence to Al-Furusiyyah Al-Arabiya; some romantic notion of Arab chivalry. It should be noted that a Saracean noble of the same name is mentioned in the Auchinleck Manuscript during the period of the first crusade. There are some amongst us who believe that is quite possible that the real Aaryan was killed and the man the Caliph beheld was simply an imposter. This is supported by some contemporary evidence; most notably that he was not recognized by some of his supposed allies in the court of the Fatimid Caliphate. If this is true Aaryan does not hail from noble birth, and was – and always has been – a self-righteous, arrogant, liar. Probably some sly creature from the street.

Not a warrior of renown at the time of his embrace, the Caliph likely chose him with the notion of adding him to the ranks of the Vizier Caste. However, our scriptures show one immediate encounter with the former Eldest, Sha’hiri. Apparently, unaware to whom he was speaking, Aaryan agreed to a duel of fists, and was roundly beaten. Refusing to relent, Aaryan would rise to his feet only to be knocked down again. This repeated until the Eldest, furious at his stubborn show, reportedly stripped a flank stone off the ground and beat him into torpor. Thetmes inducted him into his Web of Knives soon after, apparently impressed, and as a snub to the former Eldest with whom he was feuding at the time.

Contemporaries amongst our ranks debate whether or not Aaryan developed his martial abilities as a direct result of the diablerie of the infamous Khayyin Christian Frederick Augustus at the battle of Jaffa in 1192 A.D. What they fail to note was Aaryan’s ability to come within 100 meters of striking at Richard the Lionheart. While this has never been validated, rumors persist that Thetmes had Aaryan secretly tutored by our Magi in certain blood magicks despite his clear responsibilities to the warrior caste; we can only assume Aaryan manipulated our Caliph.

Brief periods of self-induced, cowardly, torpor followed. By the 15th Century he was active again, just as the Anarch revolution was reaching its peak, and was present during the fall of Constantinople. You may also be aware of his exploits during the bloody nights in Vienna against the Tzimisce siege. He has been an active member of the silsia, is respected within his caste for his proficiency, but has been observed to be even more interested in the movements of Baali than those targets assigned to him in more recent decades.

Many of you reading this may even admire him. Do not fall sway to any of his previous exploits or supposed charm; he is a traitor in the eyes of Haqim. It has long been suspected that Aaryan, along with a few others of our rafiq, have busied themselves within “exclusive societies”. After the awakening of The Shepard such activities are deemed to be a distraction from our purpose in following the wisdom of Haqim. Further, it is well known that Aaryan was troubled when he saw The Shepard drape the Old Man’s body on the Black Throne. We all acknowledge the corruption of Jamal, to our shame, and the schism that has so broken our Clan. Dilawar Aaryan Salar Ayyub has been too discreet, but we now know me must be hiding something from us, from The Shepard and our Great Caliph who has trusted him so. Whether he is an agent of the Antitrubu or the Schismatics we do not know.

Remember, brethren, that we must first catch him in the act. He has strayed from Haqim and now is the time to strike. I will keep you updated on his movements as I become aware of them. Our great Clan will be purged. May The Shepard guide us to Haqim’s light.