Character Name: Sebastian Dark

Chronicle: Blood and Money

Clan: Ventrue

Year of Birth: 1756

Year of Embrace: 1800

Occupation: Investor. Owner of The Red Spike club,

Dark’s Mall, and other valuable properties




Sebastian Dark was born in Richmond, Virginia 20 years before the signing of the Declaration of Independence. Some say he is more American than America! Of course, they are usually paid employees of Mr. Dark that say that. There are others that say an adman came up with that slogan for Dark 60 or so years ago. That’s the type of divisive figure he is, though he would prefer it if he were universally well-liked. It’s better for business. But it’s the wealthy and powerful that tend to like Dark anyway.

His father was a wealthy tobacco plantation owner and his mother a socialite. Sebastian took his privileged upbringing for granted. He never married, preferring the company of one of his father’s slaves, Ann Van Cort. It was not until his father’s death, and the death of his mother a few days later, that he began to take money and its potential seriously. Soon after inheriting his father’s massive fortune, Sebastian Dark was embraced. He mostly dropped his first name, preferring to be called Dark or Mr. Dark. He could not give up Ann, however, and he eventually embraced her.

Dark has been a loyal Ventrue since the night he was turned. He’s a valuable asset to the Bluebloods, and they have taught him about their world and their powers. He’s maintained his wealth, even through the Depression, mostly because he has the wisdom to surround himself with the right assistants and advisers. He went from business to political manipulation in post World War II Washington, a time of prosperity for America, at first. Some say Dark’s biggest failure was that the Cold War never developed into World War III. He denies this was a failure, but in the mid-80’s he returned to the business world.

Since his arrival in New York City in 2006, Dark has been the toast of the town. Not only did he survive the 2008 Financial Crisis unscathed, he and his friends have prospered from it. He treats Manhattan like a game of Monopoly. He’s popular with all of the Ventrue clan, as well as most of the Camarilla. It’s not only because of his wealth and business sense, but also his personal magnetism and charm.