Character Name:  Blyte Canker

Clan:  Nosferatu

Date of Birth:  10/31/1000 AD

Date of Embrace:  10/31/1016 AD

Occupation:  Art Dealer (Retired)


Quote:  “What is the ugliest

 part of your body? …

 I think it’s your mind.”

               – Frank Zappa



He was born All Saints Eve in the year 1000 in a small town near the Anglo Saxon city of London.  His loving parents named him Ecgberht.  He had rosy cheeks and long, curly, strawberry-blond hair.  Ecgberht, his parents and his four siblings made a living as a singing group.  He, the youngest, had the most beautiful voice of all.

A merchant by the name of Acwellen took notice of Ecgberht’s talent and led him away from his family with the promise of making him a great bard.  Acwellen was in fact a kindred of the Nosferatu clan.  He was a social climber and blinded by ambition, he thought he could gain favor with the Toreadors of London with a gifted childe like Ecgberht.  So, on his 16th birthday, Ecgberht was Embraced by Acwellen.  Unfortunately, not only was the young singer transformed into a physically repulsive monster, (the Nosferatu clan curse),  but his voice changed as well.  It was now like nails scraping  a chalkboard and nothing could be done about it.  Acwellen abandoned his young childe, leaving him to fend for himself.  He began to refer to himself as “Canker”,  since the young man he once was, Ecgberht, was dead.

Canker was made out of stronger stuff than most.  As decades passed, he continued to survive.  He went from hiding in ruins and feeding on sheep, local livestock and chickens, to performing in an entertainment coterie.  In the next century, he began to slowly rise in the court of the ruling kindred of the City of London.  He took on the roles of what now would be called Harpy, then Nosferatu Whip, and finally, in the time of the Inquisition, Sheriff of London.  Canker was becoming convinced the city was damned, and when the Black Death came in 1348, he gave up on London, then England all together and carefully traveled south.

During the Inquisition it became clear to Canker that the elder vampires were more of a threat than anything else to Neonates and Ancillae such as himself so he joined the Anarch Revolt in Spain. He grew weary of the nightly battles and disillusioned with the Anarchs’ beliefs and joined the Camarilla soon after the Convention of Thorns.

During the Renaissance, Canker developed an appreciation for art.  He tried his hand at painting but his style was too strange, perhaps ahead of its time.  Though a failed artist, he became a successful art dealer by the name of David Stone.  This alias was inspired by Michelangelo’s statue of David.  Among most of the kindred, Canker became known by a new first name, “Blyte”. “Canker” had become his last name.  He became very wealthy and spent most of the next century or so educating himself.

He took part in the French Revolution.  Then spent some time as an undercover agent for the Camarilla, spying on the Sabbat of western Europe.  During the Victorian era, Blyte spent his fortune trying to improve the lives of England’s poor, but he came to the realization that no matter what he did, it was never enough.  He moved to Paris in the 1870s and returned to art dealing during the Belle Epoque, living a lavish lifestyle.  When the Great War began in 1914, Blyte moved to isolationist America.  He continued to live the high life through the 1920’s until the Great Depression, when he began to take care of the poor again, this time in New York.

In 1940 Blyte returned to Paris and joined the French Resistance.  In 1950 he moved back to the United States and learned basic mechanics and electronics.  Then in 1960 he spent the next 30 years exploring America in a trailer home.

In 1990 he moved to New York and joined the fight against the Sabbat there.  In 2000 he began to study modern science and technology, mainly basic computer skills.  He still spends many nights wandering the streets causing trouble for the more corrupt and powerful and trying to help the truly desperate.