Balthazar Pearce

BalthazarCharacter:  Balthazar Pearce

Chronicle:  Blood and Money

Clan:  Giovanni/Caitiff

Year of Birth:  1898

Year of Embrace:  1934

Occupation:  Camarilla ambassador to the Giovanni

and owner of Club 20th Century

Quote:  “All kindred care about is blood and money.”


Balthazar Pearce was born in 1898 in Brooklyn, New York.  He was expected to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a policeman, but World War I put that on hold.  In 1917 Balthazar joined the army and fought bravely in “the War to End All Wars”.  His nightmarish experiences in the trenches and the deaths of his brothers, Caspar and Melchior, left him with no faith in government.

When he returned home from the Great War, a hero, he became a policeman like his father.  Unlike his father, Balthazar was now deeply cynical and easily corrupted by the mafia.  They paid him well and he lived well throughout the Roaring Twenties, finally settling down and getting married to Jane Reilly in 1928.  They were happy together, sheltered from the Great Depression by his mob money.  She didn’t ask many questions about where the money came from.  She wasn’t stupid.  She knew.  They didn’t realize there was a force more powerful, more sinister than the mafia called the Giovanni.  This clan of vampires was secretly in control of Balthazar’s gangster employers.  He was beginning to get their attention.  He had risen in the ranks of the police force, making Lieutenant, and he was getting close to uncovering the truth about his criminal employers. This was only because the Giovanni allowed it.

New Year’s Eve, 1934, Lt. Pearce went secretly and alone, as instructed, to a lavish party thrown by his underworld bosses.  He doesn’t remember how it happened, or who was responsible, but that night he was Embraced by an unknown vampire.  Even the Giovanni claim they do not know the identity of Balthazar’s sire. They took him under their wing anyway, almost as one of their own. He has remained a loyal soldier to them ever since, even when they denied him permission to Embrace or even Ghoul his wife.  She lost her mind and was put in a mental institution in 1956.

These nights, it would seem Balthazar Pearce has it all.  The Prince has honored him with a position as an ambassador between the Giovanni and the Camarilla.  They are currently on very good terms with each other. The Seneschal has rewarded Balthazar with a property in midtown Manhattan, a former speakeasy which he has converted into the Club 20th Century.  This exclusive club is only open to kindred and their guests and is making a fortune.  It is even being considered for Elysium.  Last but not least, Balthazar is engaged to wed Daisy Belle and the couple has adopted a baby girl.