Asher B. Collins




Character: Asher B. Collins

Appearance/Personality: Asher wasn’t the high school quarter back nor was he overly popular. While some may describe him as being easy on the eyes he is overall average. Even from a young age he tried his best not to be noticed. Going so far as to keep his bangs long and covering his face due to the attention his blue eyes got him when he was younger. He was always more comfortable alone than in a crowd. In his later years he’s gained a measure of confidence and presents himself much more professionally. He has always been the type to look out for number one.

It isn’t that he doesn’t care about others he just knows that people will undoubtedly fail him in some capacity. Due to this outlook on life he’s taken measures to avoid any significant connections due to a fear of a one-sided commitment among both friends and lovers. The ambition to succeed coupled with his belief that only his well-being is important carried him far in his career but it was also the source of his eventual downfall.

Fear: The two main fears Asher has are failure and abandonment/commitment issues. His mother was the most important person in his life, and when she left it broke him on a deep level. Since then he realized that there was only one person he could rely on. His father’s descent into depression and drinking only reinforced that belief. It’s been ingrained in him that he shouldn’t rely on others and should only trust his own achievements. Even if the path he takes doesn’t align with the high road.

The belief that he can succeed through his effort alone has instilled a deep set distaste for failure. If he feels his achievements are downplayed he is usually spurred to anger at best. Jealousy and envy are two sins he is intimately familiar with as well.

Childhood: Asher’s childhood could be described as blessed. He wasn’t much of a socializer. He preferred to sit back and watch the other kids. It was far more entertaining watching what they did then actually getting involved himself. His mother always discouraged this attitude. Laura Collins, his mother, was a shining example of what he should have been. She always had a way with him and the two were most definitely close. In fact it was through her that he got his first name; Asher. She was a diehard fan of the Evil Dead series and his father refused to have a boy named Ash but he reluctantly settled on Asher.

His mother worked in the lunch room at his school which led to more than one occasion where a fellow student would tease him. With his mother’s encouragement he rarely let it bother him. However, one day that started like many others he waited for his mother after school. He wasn’t certain what happened but she never showed up. Asher never believed that she abandoned him but his father told him that she left.

The other kids continued to tease him saying that his mother didn’t love him; among other things. Without his mother’s kind words to allay his worries these words began to weigh heavily upon him until he completely shut down. His father began to slip into self-medicating to escape his sorrow. Eventually things turned violent for the young Asher when his father started to blame him and one more than one occasion the old man struck him in a drunken fit.

Later Years: Asher didn’t waste any time in getting away from his abusive father and the small town that reminded him so much of his mother. He moved away on a scholarship to a university for a degree in journalism. His mother’s disappearance remained unexplained in a way that satisfied him. Since then he became obsessed with discovering the truth. This obsession spread into other areas and eventually he landed a job with a newspaper in a larger city as a freelance journalist.

At first he wasn’t all that successful. He managed to do enough to keep his job but he had no true merits to claim as his own. Then one night he grew tired of how his life was going so he did the unthinkable for one in his career. He knew the story he was working on was good but he just wasn’t getting any good leads. So he fashioned some that he felt were believable and went with it. The praise he got for the story became somewhat infectious. Over the next couple years he lived what he felt was the dream.

During this time thoughts of finding his mother slipped from his mind but like most dreams it was not meant to last. Soon his editor began to question a source that didn’t align with the facts. Asher had grown too bold and, as a result, everything he’d accomplished began to unravel.

Present Day: Rather than face public backlash and losing credibility the company he worked for blacklisted Asher and sent him packing. Now back in his hometown Asher is forced to face his past and returning thoughts of what happened to his mother.