87b9bcca0c9d5c99acb3dd2221c75778Character: al-Rashid
Clan: Assamite

Born in in 693 AD, Mardshad ibn Bakkar was a proud member of an Amazigh or “free men” tribe in North Africa. At 14, he began his training as a soldier and 2 years later, married a local girl named Fatimah.

In 711 AD, he was part of a force of Muslim Moors who crossed the Strait of Gibraltar and soon after began the conquest of the Visigothic Kingdom of Hispania with the Battle of Guadalete. He led a somewhat sinful life as a soldier in Europe. He spent his share of the spoils of war on wine and women. He was not a good Muslim at that time.

The Moors crossed the Pyrenees and took control of Septimania in 719. From their stronghold in Narbonne, they launched raids into the Duchy of Aquitaine. Ibn Bakkar was a part of this, a part of history, and he thought they could not be stopped.

Then in 721, he was part of the siege of the city of Toulouse. Just as the city was about to surrender, the Muslim forces fell victim to a surprise attack from Christian reinforcements. Mardshad was lucky to escape with his life.

Though the Battle of Toulouse was a major defeat for the Moors, they persevered, raiding cities as far as Autun in the Frankish Kingdom of Burgundy in 725. A year later, Mardshad Ibn Bakkar returned home to North Africa. He planned to settle down with his wife, Fatimah, and start a family, but this was not his fate. He found out that, in his long absence, his wife had taken a lover. Worse still, it was his brother, Amr. In a rage, Mardshad killed Amr, then gave himself up without a fight when the authorities came to arrest him.

Ibn Bakkar was sentenced to death, and he did, in fact die, embraced by warrior-poet and Assamite Elder, Ziyad ‘Abd al-Aziz. This powerful vampire saw great potential in the former soldier, giving him a second chance at existence and a new name, Mardshad al-Rashid.

al-Rashid was trained in the ways of the Assamites for 100 years. He became a great warrior and a more devout Muslim. He served his Sire as a bodyguard and, when necessary, assassin for another 100 years.

In 926, ‘Abd al-Aziz released al-Rashid from servitude to seek his own fortune. He amassed great wealth working as a solo assassin for hire. This went on for a long time, until 1096, when he joined his Sire again. This time, it was in the fight against the invading Christians.

Today, al-Rashid finds himself returning to Europe. His Sire thought he needed to make his peace with this land and its people. But he does not stay in Muslim Spain. Instead, he travels beyond its borders to a mysterious war torn kingdom. Perhaps a new fortune or new allies can be made here.

Additional Character Information:
The Awakening of al-Rashid