Dangerous Games is a World of Darkness role-playing collective that focuses on Vampire: The Masquerade chronicles. Our collective is made up of long-time V:tM gamers, and this site is a platform for sharing game-related information, character biographies, forums, and much more. Dangerous Games is named after an older chronicle that examined the sometimes arbitrary machinations of kindred and the fleeting nature of power.


Disclaimers and Items of Note

As a general rule, our games explore themes of darkness, sexuality, and extreme violence which can be disturbing to some players. If you are faint of heart or are uncomfortable with suggestive material, please be advised that this is not the place for you. We do not censor our material and generally do not alter our creativity for those with delicate sensitivities. If there are any illegal or otherwise unreasonably morally reprobate materials posted here, they will be removed at the sole discretion of the site owner.

This site also contains original art, prose, poetry, and more. Those are the sole property of their creators, and credit is given where it is due. Some art work portrayed here may be the work of a third-party, and we try to credit creators accordingly. If you find your work here and  wish it to be credited or removed, please contact an admin. It will be done quickly.

Chronicles and Game Play

Currently, we have a small collective of active chronicles that span through the dark ages to the modern setting. We always welcome new players and guests! All games in the WOD arena are welcome!

For WOD purists, it may be worth mentioning that our chronicles are not always 100% canon. We’re here for fun! Our chronicles also use OWOD rules because most of us prefer it to NWOD. Though we are always open to NWOD chronicles, if there is a demand. In most cases, character sheet usage will be managed by storytellers, and in some cases, sheets are not used at all. If you have questions about sheets, please contact a storyteller.


Please see the FAQs for forum etiquette and particulars. Generally, the forums are a free for all, and most things are not off limits. There’s no TLDR nonsense, i.e., you don’t need to introduce yourself. There are moderators who will manage things at their discretion, but most of us are very laid back. Actions that will get you banned which are non-negotiable:

1. Posting pornography – this is not in reference to pornographic art but links to porn sites and the like. They’re untrustworthy and bring malware. Keep it off the site.

2. Creepy stalker behavior – this mainly pertains to actions that take place off the site because most of our members know each other. Any sort of weird stalker behavior will not be tolerated. Don’t bring your IRL creepy here – save it for therapy.

That’s pretty much it. Arguing, flaming, and trolling will happen in the forum to some degree. If something becomes out of hand, the site admins will address it. But if a little light arguing or heated discussion concern you, please don’t continue to use this site.

If you have questions about any of the above please reach out in the forums or contact an admin.