Featured Character: Katerina De’Lavez

Character: Katerina De’Lavez
Clan: Lasombra
Path of Enlightenment: Path of Night
Year of Birth: 1516
Year of Embrace: 1535
Sire: Elric De’Lorme
Childe: E

Quote: “You ought to run, now. I am quite mad.”

Bio: Born into the De’Lorme family who were minor nobles in the forgettable region of Laval, France, Katerina was the only living child of her father and mother. Her parents paid little attention to their daughter as they struggled to provide a male heir to the withering De’Lorme Comté. When her mother died when Katerina was 11 her father withdrew into isolation. Little is known about her early life after this and much of her past is a subject for debate among interested Kindred. What is known is that she formed an arguably unnatural closeness with her father’s bastard brother, Elric De’Lorme. It was Elric, 12 years her senior, who began to oversee the growing girl’s education and personal affairs as her aging father’s health began to fail. When the Comte De’Lorme finally succumbed to illness he left no legitimate male heir and Elric was free to seize power. It was during the time immediately following her father’s death that the young Elric bestowed the title of Countess on Katerina, which at the time was a cause célèbre in Laval as Katerina had no legal right to inherit this title. Rumors began to circulate among the gentry that their relationship was unnatural as they behaved publicly as husband and wife.

The couple spent wildly and were known for their debauched parties for which the blame fell mostly on Elric. Within a few short years Elric had squandered his inheritance and the couple was dangerously close to ruin. Katerina, known to be a quiet pragmatist, begged Elric to write to distant relatives at Court and find a good match for her but he refused and set out to contrive a way to save their house. When he returned after several months abroad Katerina found that her wayward Uncle had not returned the mortal man that he had left. He refused to visit the court, indeed to see anyone while the sun was up and took no food. He had also returned with a strange guest that Katerina was becoming increasingly frightened of. What happened during this time is a relative mystery but the locals saw less and less of the De’Lormes as dark rumors circulated of missing gentry and peculiar stories of servants who fled the service of the Comte and Comtesse. Soon the Comtesse herself was only seen after the sun had set and her demeanor which had once been almost insipidly timid had gradually devolved into aggression and irreverence. Once the jewel of the social elite of Laval, the De’Lorme estate now hosted strange gatherings of a different sort full of foreigners. It was Katerina who sat in judgement of her peers and managed the affairs of Laval with ever growing eccentricities. Distrust began to fester between uncle and niece compounded by the contentious presence of Elric’s guest and in 1547 relations between the two had devolved into chaos.

During the winter of that year a fire broke out in their castle and much of the structure was lost, killing nearly everyone inside. The few that escaped rambled of dark rituals and were deemed mad by the local population. The De’Lormes as they were known then were never seen in Laval again and presumed dead. Their estate passed to distant relatives who refused to acknowledge the couple or their sordid history. Neither respected Kindred or common Kine spoke of them but in the cloistered circles of the Lasombra clergy gossip of a woman who had the ear of powerful bishops circulated. This alarmed the Lasombra elite because her identity remained a mystery and her motives were even less understood. Both well known and fledgling Lasombra began to disappear and whispers of rampant diablerie (more than what was acceptable) moved through the newly formed Sabbat. Much of Katerina’s unlife after her disappearance in Laval is unknown and no account of her physical presence was reported until her emergence in New York in 2010.

Modern Day: Katerina De’Lavez emerged in NYC in 2010 and began to stalk a group of mortals for reasons unknown. She began to facilitate their introduction into the world of the supernatural paying special attention to detective John Costello and his estranged wife Katherine Levine. She also began to manipulate the affairs of fledgling Gangrel Quinn Bailey (now Prince of NYC) dominating him into raping Katherine Levine who is now under Camarilla protection. Katerina’s obsessive machinations of Quinn’s unlife resulted in an unlikely sire-childe relationship. Her estranged Uncle Elric also appeared in the city shortly after under the guise of a Lasombra Antitribu with a shaky relationship with the Camarilla. It became clear that Katerina’s manipulation of a group of local Kindred and would-be hunters was designed to result in the humiliation and destruction of her estranged uncle. Her erratic behavior and the chaos she caused in the city ultimately caused her downfall when she voluntarily confronted Quinn Bailey who then killed her. This raised the ire of Elric and Katerina’s secret childe known as E. (who had set her sights on destroying her sire personally.)

For now, some Lasombra contend that she still exists as a prisoner somewhere in the Lasombra Abyss. A handful of Kindred, who have since disappeared, claim to have visited her but these rumors were dismissed by the upper echelons of the Camarilla Elite.

Character: Katerina De’Lavez is regarded by most Kindred as an excellent manipulator and tactician. She managed to circumvent the inner circles of the Sabbat for her personal revenge though Kindred that know her well would argue that her methods are completely arbitrary in nature. She is known for bouts of destructive insanity in her explosive pursuits of unknowable goals. Elric has hinted that Katerina’s Embrace was traumatic and resulted in a damaged psyche which both Sire and Childe has sought to remedy throughout the centuries. Though she was born a Frenchwoman, Katerina speaks with an English accent and her cadence is almost always disturbingly respectful and eloquent, addressing anyone she meets, friend or foe, as Mr. or Ms. She is also devoutly religious, rarely heard to utter even the most innocuous curse word. Due to her religious nature and her complete acceptance of the Beast, Katerina believes her destructive behavior will usher mortals to seek out salvation. She will often give her victims the opportunity to confess themselves before she destroys them.

What’s in a name?: It was revealed by her Childe, E, that Katerina’s surname differs from De’Lorme due to her obsession with cleanliness. “Lavez” meaning wash in French. Elric played upon this focus with purity and gave her the title of De’Lavez upon her arrival to NYC society.

Childer: Katerina’s only surviving progency is E. In the first few centuries after her Embrace, Katerina secretly embraced 8 childer, who all mysteriously met final death. E has speculated that Katerina chose these childer based on their reflection of her mortal self. All of them possessed a characteristic that had been lost to her after her own Embrace and each one was similar in appearance to either Elric or Katerina herself.

Appearance: Katerina has pale skin with a hue reminiscent of a corpse. Due to her unorthodox practices with Obtenbration the veins in her skin appear black and her speech often betrays tiny tendrils of shadows. Indeed, her physical appearance has begun to meld with the Abyss in small ways. Her nails are also black and have begun to curl into claws fueling rumors that she possesses some knowledge of Protean and is a practiced diablerist. Her inky black hair matches her dark demeanor and is often worn in loose waves that cascade to her waste. Her clothing is notoriously conservative and she wears a long black coat buttoned to the throat with a cut that appears as if it is from another time. Katerina is never seen with any of her skin showing save for her face and her hands leading many Kindred to believe her body has been defiled by her Abyssal powers. Perhaps her most striking feature is the yellow hue of her eyes that has often been considered less exotic and more sickening. Overall, Katerina’s appearance is considered analogous with a beautiful corpse.

Disciplines: Obtenebration, Protean, Dominate

Weapons: Katerina’s greatest weapon is her powerful mastery of Obtenebration and use of her Feral Claws. She will resort to use of traditional weaponry when necessary but relies on her relentless manipulation and shadow commands.

Katerina’s Theme Music

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