Featured Character: Michelle “Chelle” Crowe

llTLENxCharacter: Michelle “Chelle” Crowe
Clan: Brujah
Path of Enlightenment: Self Focus
Year of Birth: 1924
Year of Embrace: 1941

Bio: Michelle Crowe grew up as the prized and gifted daughter of a middle class Boston family during the Prohibition and the Great Depression. Her and her family had it fairly easy during the collapse. Not only did her father own a personal business in Downtown Boston, but she was well ahead of the curve in her studies compared to others her age. This left very little time for socializing and friendships, so she never developed her social skills till later on as a teen. As a teenager, not only would she graduate early, but she had her way opened up for a successful education and a career in Avionics as a flight trainer for the Navy. At the age of 17, she walked out of her parent’s home to begin her new life. But not in the way she had originally planned.

Multiple clans had their eyes set on her for the embrace, once she was old and mature enough. Not only was she sheltered by her family, but secretly the foot runners of the Camarilla were secretly protecting her from the Sabbat and any that would do her harm. As she left the sanctuary of her home, she was immediately embraced pre-schedule from a reckless Brujah thug. The Ventrue were disgusted and outraged by the act and immediately called the blood hunt on the lowlife that tainted their plans for their success story of the perfect rebirth. Due to all of this, Chelle never had much of a chance to adapt at the time of her embrace. She wondered the streets lost, afraid, and alone for several days digging out of trash cans, stealing, and relying on the homeless shelter. During this time she was humbled on the hellish creatures that stalk the downtown district by night; coming close several times to a horrid death. On the 5th day, the Camarilla found her and brought her in. Her sire was never heard from again. The elders said he disappeared off the radar hours after her embrace.

Modern Day: Chelle has made her way to the “Big Apple,” after being under the comforting hand of the Boston Camarilla for so many years. Throughout her upbringing she had developed an intellectual, bold, and refreshing presence amongst the Brujah beyond her young age. The Ventrue elders finally allowed her out of the nest to get her feet wet. What better of a place than New York City; a true challenge to coop through the city struggles, as well as the kindred that control it’s outcomes.

Character: Due to her premature embrace at such a young age, many Kindred’s have dubbed her with the nickname, “Kid;” Ironically against how mature she actually really is. Where most Brujah tap into their inner beast, Chelle choose to quell it. She usually does so with focus and meditation. Even so, she has adjusted to her flaw; agreeing to live with it; even letting it loose when she feels it’s necessary. Chele despises the mentally and physically weak with a mindset that those who do not push themselves to get better are a waste of blood and space. She tends to keep to herself; due to times of social awkwardness, though for the most part is easy to work with as well as friendly to allies. She is very respectful and practices good etiquette. She is rarely passionate or open with her feelings, although she does have her own inner struggles; mostly involved with her birth in such a dangerous world; something she never adjusted to based on her age. She easily feels left out and tends to blend in with a crowd; though when cornered she lashes out as if her very existence depended on it; using her speed, agility, and cunning over brute strength. She is clever and quick thinking; acting on instinct and tends to lure the unexpected into traps rather than taking them head on.
Disciplines: Potence, Celerity, Auspex

Due to her upbringing, study, and self-image, Chelle does not practice mental disciplines such as Dominate or Presence. To Chelle, a personal moral guideline is to refrain from the pleasures and the convenience of controlling others. Due to this, Chelle has spend her years studying and meditating on Auspex; allowing it to become a “third hand” of herself to assist her in everyday life as well as meditation.

Weapons: During her time on the streets after her embrace, she was forced to steal from stores and people. On one occasion, she was chased down and cornered by a police officer. In the end, the officer became her meal. Not knowing anything about guns, she decided to take his police baton. She has used this weapon ever since.