Theme Music & Crediting Images

Hi all! I hope you have been enjoying the site as much as I have. I wanted to let you know that you’re welcome to add theme music to your character’s page. The best way is to find a youtube video of your music and simply drop the link into the text editor on the page. WordPress will render the song into a playable video. Its that easy!

Katerina De’Lavez <<-- Example

Also, for those of you with admin privileges, when you are adding a character portrait please add a caption to the photo giving credit to the author and the place where it was retrieved. You will see an example of this on Themis’ page. The reason this is important is that some images may be under copyright protection by Getty Images (one of the largest stock image providers). They have an army of people that scour the internet looking for things to litigate over. Be very careful when pulling images straight from Google and try not to grab ANY from Getty itself or major stock photo sites. When you find an image you like simply add a caption crediting the author when dropping the image into your character’s page. If you need assistance with this please let me know.

I understand that some images may be coming directly from your pc with no knowledge of the original author (I have a few like this) please just use discretion and do this when you are able. I’m just trying to avoid anything litigious.

Other than that, have fun and share your music! I can’t wait to hear it!