The Guest – Part III

The courier was tired. Even with vitae fueling her blood, her mortal body cried out for sleep. Just one last message to the Archon herself. She was directed by the broad ghoul at the door, hugging a shotgun, to step lightly, leave the message and remove herself immediately, and thus she did. And thanks be to God that was all. Miranda Ramsey’s ear was the most sought after in the city and it’d be a marvelous thing to never have to set foot in her office again. It would be just the couriers luck to be blown to bits delivering messages here, what with all the mischief and unrest in the city. And why…why the fuck did no one just e-mail anymore…..

For the desk of Archon Ramsey: Confidential
Date of reciept: 7/10
Please contact Eustacia Rigoletto as soon as possible. It is a matter of some urgency. The telephone number has been e-mailed to you.

“Dearest Sire,
Oh but you wouldn’t believe how beautiful New York City is! I am in awe of—-
If I had lived a hundred more years I would have never believed I would have seen so much garbage piled on the street corners of her turn in Times Square. —- and all the pleasant smells! —– and they—
—- Of course, I am being facetious.
I miss Italy, my dear. I would have been a thousand times more happy if I’d of been summoned to Atlanta. I have not since seen the city since the war ruined it lifetimes ago. Not in person of course—
I’ll performing for a small gathering of Toreadors tomorrow night, and I fully expect them come in —
— and I was utterly shocked at how poorly the lounge was decorated. What a–
—- claws bent towards my bosom, with hell on their minds. —- But what’s really interesting, is the Archon has asked for my services in a matter that involves, and I smile at the thought, the supernatural!
So silly — needs a dainty songbird to encourage cohesiveness in the coterie – I could throw gossip around like salt with these dossiers! – I don’t know any of these — happy here – saw a handsome gentlemen last night —Monsieur Elric De’Lorme and his — I certainly hope that I have impressed the Archon in some meaningful way, and I’ll be delighted to make new acquaintances! Mr. Bailey’s photo was of some particular rousing to me—blush at the thought –I hope he’s as pleasant as he is— of course I am ultimately writing to ask your permission to be of service to her — special circumstances——— please write back at the return address—e-mail —
Anne Bennett”

Elric De’Lorme refolded the damaged letter and gestured for his guest to retrieve it.
“This is three months old. Has she written to her Sire further?”
The guest nodded. “Yes and phoned her as well.”
Elric smiled, and turned back to his chessboard, tilting his head toward the pieces.
“Let’s play a game, shall we?”