The Convocation of Predjama Castle

The Convocation is fast approaching! July 7th at whatever pm.

I think it would do to write a small brief about what you can expect from the ending of this year long Chronicle.

Many of you may feel you have an idea about what is going to happen. I think we all realize that whatever happens at this Convocation will likely lead to the world I have created for DODS (NWOD). So let’s review some of the high points of this Chronicle. Think of this as a refresher that will help tie everything together.

Shall we get started?


As many of you know, I have gotten some great feedback on the survey about my style of ST’ing and also OTVD as a whole. One of the most important points of critique I came across was the lack of tying so many minor plot points together. So here, let’s focus on what matters to the Convocation.

Here are the facts:

We know that after the events of NYC, many countries (Kindred) are at war with each other or at the very least the threat of war. We know that Hardestadt wanted to take down Heinricus for his role in NYC. Per Argelle’s confession we know it was his idea to bomb NYC to dust.

We know the Masquerade is under an absurd amount of strain.

We know that the Sabbat are aware that the Antediluvians are awake in some sense. We know this frightens them and we know that Cardinal Polonia has whored himself to the Ordo (or what he understands of it) for protection.

We know there is unrest with the Anarchs on the West Coast (yawn, fuck em).

We know that The Vatican is now in an alliance with the Ancien Regime. France – not so much.

We know that Marcel was confronted by Reginald Pole who openly admitted to his fuckery with the Citadel.

We know that Reginald Pole is dead.

We know that Viviane now holds Vienna and has entered into a bond with the defacto Salubri leader.

We know Kranzer has been in LA stirring up thin-blood drama.

We know Zosime is loyal to Viviane’s efforts and that her sire was a fucking scumbag.

We know that Haqim is allegedly awake and calling the Western Ordo heretics and proclaiming himself the only true Ante.

We know that the Tzimisce have entered an alliance with Viviane and the Salubri (such as they are or such as they are willing).

We know the Lasombra are scattered (some remaining loyal to what remains of the Sabbat, some now slutting it out to Krasburg).

We know the Sabbat is essentially broken and is almost the same condition as the Camarilla.

We know at this point most clans are returning to the dark ages or cleaving to feudal systems of self-governance.

We know that Ante’s (at least some) are awake and cannot theoretically be killed. They can neither be successfully diablerized.

This is a lot of shit to know for sure.

It is for all these reasons that this Convocation will be called. None of you will call it.

There will be heavy narration (which I will prepost, promise) the day of the Convocation that will explain how everyone got there and why they chose to attend. You will likely have your own character goals that you want to achieve at this meeting and our four games will explore many different aspects of Kindred in a political setting but there will be a central “metaplot” for this series of games which I have fucked and refuckulated to hopefully tie the whole story together. I also want to apologize in advance. Many plot points that I have neglected will have to be cheaply taken care of with narration to get us to this point so that it makes sense when it all comes together.

Things To Know

Trust me.

This has to be the most important facet of this endeavor that I can stress. Please trust my vision. Let me tell this story and at the end you can criticize it all you like. But trust that I have a plan and am trying to execute it for the entertainment of all. Trust my vision, guys. Don’t try to “outsmart” me, don’t try to cheat the story advancing a personal goal that won’t matter. Theoretically, we know somewhat how this ends up. Please don’t overthink this. This is not to say you don’t have autonomy, but you won’t be changing the metaplot by your actions. Roleplay as if the Convocation is your only concern. Not extraneous character goals.

This will be boring…sort of.

Some of you dislike political machinations and heavily talky scenes. There will be LOTS of these. If any of this bores you, go ahead and plan not to attend now and I won’t take it badly. I would rather you be doing something you enjoy than showing up for my sake. There will be little actual action and there will be an overarching “mystery” to solve. You’ll be using your skills to understand what the Convocation means.

Volunteer Character Deaths Wanted

I am completely serious. If any of you would like to volunteer your character for a glorious death as we end this Chronicle tell me now and I will take this into advisement and construct your death. After much thought, I have decided that you will not have a choice in how you die (unless you want to know the ending) but you will be advised via whisper before it happens. Again, trust my vision. This does not mean any of you should be paranoid but I have plenty of opportunities for death and if anyone wants to go out with a bang – pm me.

Difficult Choices

At certain points and at a certain point you will HAVE to make difficult choices at this Convocation. I will not warn you prior. I will not prime you and I will not be negotiated with you. You will have to tell me IC what your character chooses to-do. This may seem like common sense but I have found that some players have difficulty with having no choice in certain matters. You won’t here. I am not sorry.


The Convocation begins July 7th barring unavoidable mishaps. If you do not begin on this date it will proceed without your character. If you do not attend all four games that is fine – I am not a Warden. I will say though that your character will suffer for it. I will not advise you in advance how. If you choose to do other things right on – do that – but the story will proceed without you. This is the end people and I no longer have the soft heart I once did. Take this seriously because I have worked hard on it. If you have some sort of circumstance come up that is what-the-fuck-ever bullshit crazy, of course, I understand – but the Convocation goes on.

So that’s all I can think of at the moment. Any questions you don’t want to address in the group chat can be pm’d to me. I’m not mean, I’m not hostile. I’m direct and very open to answering your questions and working with your own personal vision.

Also, I reserve the right to post more long winded shit like this before the Convocation. You can never say I didn’t warn you.