Four Fridays Until Convention – NWOD Stuffs

We only have four Fridays until the Convention (which will likely be named something else).


You should all be thinking about what you or your character want to accomplish on that timeframe. Please think about it and consider a brief outline and I will be happy to host it. It can be more character driven games (where everyone else will npc) or something the group can do together.

I think its also worth mentioning that npcing may not be fun for many of you. In light of this, you should consider whether or not it would be wise to sit some games out. I would rather you not play than come and be miserable. I completely understand. Having said all that, I strongly encourage you not to attend a character driven game in which you will be npcing if this will be an excorcise in bordom. I assure you I will not be insulted.

You may want to start developing the backstories for your sects or maybe something that demonstrates the seriousness of the situation in Europe/America – wherever.

I also want to add:

I will not (save something that is unavoidable) change the dates for the Convention. I realize that I frequently loathe and rail at you guys about the burdens of being an ST but I think it is very important I make myself clear. I set aside time consistently every week for the sole purpose of entertaining you all and making sure everyone has a good time. I consider your roles prior to game, meticulously prop, sometimes write narration etc. The point is: I set aside time for this because I know its going to happen every week. It’s okay to change your mind and not feel like playing (test, exams, explosions, menstral cycles, whatever) but in the future I will not delay games for one or two individuals who decide at the 11th hr not to committ. You can let me know in advance and I will gladly reschedule. I say as much not just to rant but because with DODS (NWOD) xp will be given at every game. If you dont show – you get none. If you do not show consistently – 4 games or more (and most of you don’t have this issue) your character will be killed and you’ll have to start over with a new one if you return. This stip is generally for players that start a new char and fuck off and only applies if I just never hear from you. No more loose end chars.

Alright, be thinking about the types of games you want to run before the Convention and send me an outline and I will hostify it for you. Otherwise I will make shit up.

The biggest issue I wanted to address by this post is that from this point until the convention if you want to just put a pause on your char and do other things (not play on Fridays or feel obligated to) that will be perfectly fine. The story (metaplot) will not be developing further outside what your chars are doing until the Convention.

Questions, concerns,  you know where to find me.