House Rules For OTVD

Here are the simplified rules for combat.

Elders – 3 dice

Ancillae – 2 dice

Neonates – 1 Die

Each combatant will have a pool of 8 hp.

5 and above is a success. The damage to be emoted and rp’d will depend on the number. This is at my discretion.

Ex. Roll 2 7’s and 1 – moderate damage. RP as appropriate. Roll 2 10’s intense mega fucking damage – RP as appropriate.

Each success will deplete a hp. Once you are at 0 you will enter torpor. Unless you would like to volunteer for Final Death.

You may roll to defend, naturally. Your defense roll must equal or exceed the damage roll of the aggressor.

Ex. Viviane the Treacherous Tremere Whore rolls 5, 7, 1. Heinricus “Stetson and Betrayal” Von Verden rolls 6, 8, 2 to defend. Therefore, His Infernal Majesty successfully defends.

Got it? Good. Now everybody take some rubbers.

Disclaimer: This system has been put in place to mitigate the use of your god-sheets. I also, as ST, reserve the right to say “fuck this shit” and move the combat forward by blowing something up if things get absurd.

Update: Celerity, Potence, and Fortitude will all be handled by the dice. No additional dice pools or rolls. Emote it. This is final.

Drink and know thyself,